Last updated on June 1, 2023

Jeanie Dunn
Content Manager, SMS @ Yotpo
August 25th, 2021 | 6 minutes read

A truly marketer-friendly SMS platform offers both expert guidance and agile solutions to elevate your text message marketing.

Here’s how you benefit.

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Today’s SMS marketing platforms range from completely DIY to completely managed, but we believe the most marketer-friendly option offers a balance of both. While a dedicated Customer Success Manager or Strategist can be critical to understanding SMS best practices, determining your most effective message copy, and more, you also deserve complete visibility into your SMS program and the ability to make informed decisions yourself. Otherwise, the speed at which you are able to drive success with SMS may be limited.

With an agile SMS marketing platform that provides maximum transparency and guidance, you can understand who your customers are, what content they prefer to consume, and what best engages them to adjust your strategy over time. That way, your SMS program will be set to evolve alongside your brand and your market.

These are the benefits of choosing an agile SMS marketing platform that moves with you.

Expand your mobile audience

Collecting subscribers is essential to the success of any SMS program. Brands need at least 3-4 subscriber collection tools (and a multi-channel approach) to build and sustain an engaged mobile audience, but many platforms only allow marketers to enable 1-2 on their own before requiring the help of a CSM or Strategist.

With Yotpo SMS & Email, you have full control over which subscriber collection tools you’d like to enable (and when), backed by a CSM who can make recommendations based on your unique brand, audience, and goals. We offer a library of 8+ customizable collection templates to get you started, all designed with the marketer in mind, so you can easily craft and launch your next subscriber tool to attract more customers to your SMS program, fast.

Discover who your customers are, and how best to engage them

For any marketing strategy to be effective, brands must first understand their target audience — and SMS is no different. What products are they seeking out? What types of content do they find most engaging? Consumer preferences are ever-changing, but the best SMS marketing platforms can answer these questions in real time to set you up for success at every touchpoint.

Yotpo SMS & Email empowers you to really know your customers for more personalized, results-driven messaging. With the combined power of our industry-leading flow builder and our advanced reporting and analytics dashboards, you can learn every one of your customer’s attributes, preferences, and purchase behaviors, along with which tools and messaging are most effective. So when you start seeing more click-throughs on your messages that contain images versus plain text, you can quickly adapt for a more informed approach to your marketing.

Launch new campaigns and flows at your fingertips

SMS is still a relatively new channel, and it always helps to have guidance when first getting started. Rather than having to rely on your CSM or Strategist every time you want to launch something new, we give you access to an entire library of expert-curated templates that you can use to launch campaigns and flows at your fingertips.

Access to these predefined and fully-customizable templates allows you to change gears on the go. Notice an error in your messaging? Want to update a campaign that isn’t performing well? Take back control and refine your SMS messages when and how it works best for your team and your strategy. You’ll also have plenty of other resources at your disposal — including our SMS Marketing Examples and A+ Texts — so you always have the inspiration you need to send your best messages.

Send the most relevant messages to your subscribers

Speaking of messages… if your SMS platform doesn’t give you control over who receives your messages and why, you may end up sending the same message to everyone, and end up encroaching on “spam” territory. In a recent Yotpo survey, 56% of shoppers said they would be more likely to engage with text messages that contain information relevant to their interests and past purchases. Mass, generic texts result in less conversions and much lower ROI, so it’s important that you have the tools to target each customer with the message that is right for them.

Our native integration with Shopify gives brands access to 35+ data points, such as location, gender, and cart value, for seamless customer targeting. Use this data to create different segments of customers, so that the information you send them is highly relevant to them. For example, if your brand were about to launch a new face cream, you could send an SMS about the release exclusively to customers who specified an interest in skincare. Not only can you choose the messages each of your customers receive, you can also perfect the timing and the frequency of your messages to maximize the chance of conversion.

Iterate quicker than ever

What’s more important than being able to customize and launch your own SMS tools and messages? Knowing the results of each one. SMS is, after all, a performance marketing tool, and brands need to be able to rely on dynamic data and analytics to maximize results.

With Yotpo SMS & Email, you can see the live performance of every campaign, flow, or collection tool you’re using. Not only that, our dashboards and downloadable reports break down critical metrics like spend and return down to the individual message level, so you can easily project cost and always know your ROI.

When you know instantly what’s working (and what isn’t), you can iterate quicker than ever and apply your data and insights to optimize future campaigns for success.

Try Yotpo SMS & Email

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Choose an SMS marketing platform that sets you up for success with both SMS experts and solutions.

Yotpo SMS & Email gives you the freedom and flexibility to control as much (or as little) of your SMS marketing program as you want, when you want. We also offer full, white glove service through our dedicated team of CSMs and Strategists, who will be there to support you every step of the way (if you need them). Click here to learn more about what we can do for your brand.