Last updated on January 11, 2024

Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
May 26th, 2020

Text marketing is the highest-converting strategy for brands looking to cultivate lasting relationships with their customers.

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For direct-to-consumer brands especially, SMS marketing unlocks new and powerful ways to reach mobile shoppers on their phones — where they’re already spending most of their time. 

Consumers are excited to text with the brands they love; in fact, 51% prefer to text with their favorite brands, and over 65% of online shoppers choose to browse or shop online from their mobile devices. It’s clear that SMS marketing is the golden ticket to most effectively reach today’s mobile-first consumers.

So, how can you best engage these text-savvy shoppers via SMS? We’re sharing three strategies to empower your brand to build a mobile marketing strategy that converts.

1. Collect SMS subscribers at each of your marketing touchpoints

Today’s consumers are omnichannel, and their buyer journeys aren’t linear. On average, shoppers hit three touchpoints, between both online and offline channels, when researching a purchase. 

By adding SMS opt-in tools on each of your marketing channels, your brand can reach every shopper where they prefer to engage, including email, social media, on site, and more, to encourage them to sign up to receive your messages via text. With Yotpo SMS & Email, brands can generate more subscribers with over seven seamless growth tools.

Our top recommendation for collecting and engaging SMS subscribers? Leverage SMS opt-in at checkout

The final stop in the purchase journey, the checkout page is the most natural experience for shoppers to input their information, and SMS opt-in is just one more logical step in the checkout process. 

This subscriber growth tool has proven effective, too. Brands that leverage SMS checkout opt-in capture 45% more mobile phone numbers than any other channel.

2. Create personalized recommendations for every mobile shopper

As with any marketing effort, the more personalized the message, the more effective. SMS marketing is no exception — in fact, over 54% of consumers are more likely to convert if the messages they receive are personalized.  

Create and send messages triggered by customer behavioral and transactional data. With our SMS Flow Builder, your brand can automatically send offers and updates at the right time in the buyer journey with real-time event triggers, custom conditions, 1:1 conversations, and series of personalized messages to maximize conversion.

Brands that send targeted messages boost engagement and build brand loyalty. In fact, over 70% of consumers will either definitely or are very likely to tell a friend or family member about a brand if they receive personalized messages.

3. Send text updates to re-engage customers at optimal times

Timing is everything when it comes to text marketing. The right message at the right time can be the difference between a purchase and an unsubscribe.

With a powerful segmentation engine, like Yotpo SMS & Email’s, your brand can send hyper-targeted messages based on consumer behavior, like how many times a shopper makes a purchase, whether they are a loyal customer, where they’re located, or their shopping preferences.

Over 54% of consumers want to receive coupons, discounts, and promotions via text. By using our targeted campaigns, your brand can send promotions and reminders to your shoppers at the optimal time to bring them back to purchase. 

Join the SMS success

Engaging your mobile customers is about more than just sending texts — it’s about reaching those shoppers where they want to be reached with the messages they want to receive

With omnichannel subscriber growth tools, personalized outreach, and timely messages, your brand can scale your SMS marketing strategy to become your next top revenue channel. 

Want to learn more about how SMS marketing helps brands engage their mobile shoppers? Check out our eBook, The Complete Guide to Generating Fast ROI with SMS Marketing. To get started with SMS marketing today, check out our limited time promotion.