Jeanie Dunn
Content Manager, SMS @ Yotpo
June 6th, 2022

Direct-to-consumer brands are turning to SMS marketing to boost loyalty program participation and create engaging experiences for VIP customers.

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SMS is one of the most personal and convenient marketing channels a brand can leverage today, allowing you instant access to your customers — including the most loyal ones — where they are most active. As a result, more brands are adding SMS to their loyalty strategy to create, engage, and ultimately retain high-value shoppers: VIPs.

VIP customers have the potential to be more loyal, spend more, and promote your brand to friends and family, so it’s important to treat them like they matter. With SMS marketing, you can not only bring awareness to all of the exciting benefits of your program, but also reward members with exclusive offers and updates right on their phones to elevate their status, strengthen their loyalty, and generate more revenue for your business over time.

Check out how these leading D2C brands treat their loyalty members like true VIPs for higher ROI with SMS marketing.

Princess Polly Sends Personalized Messages to Brand Loyalists

Princess Polly, an Australian-based fashion brand, is both a local and global favorite. To capture Gen Z’s attention with VIP experiences and retain their rapidly growing audience, the brand decided to give their loyalty program a boost with SMS marketing.

Princess Polly leverages SMS to drive more sign-ups for their loyalty program and send unique engagements to members, creating personalized experiences that increase the lifetime value of every brand loyalist. The brand also drives existing loyalty members to SMS, offering loyalty points in exchange for opt-in to make those experiences even more connected. With over 50% of VIP customers now signed up to SMS, Princess Polly sees 10x higher ROI on SMS from loyalty program members than non-members. Birthday rewards, VIP updates, and exclusive offers are just a few of the strategic ways that Princess Polly drives customers to purchase and come back again for more.

“SMS helped us in having a personalized touch at a time we needed it most, especially in the area of brand loyalty,” says Kim Zorn, Head of Performance at Princess Polly. “Being able to send personalized text messages throughout the loyalty customer lifecycle by pulling in points balances and VIP tier names has helped us retain our customers and build up our SMS community.”

Volcom Offers VIPs Triple Points on Products

Volcom, a skate, surf, swimwear, and snowboarding lifestyle brand, knows how to make durable, stylish clothing and accessories — and they’re experts at durable engagement strategies too, harnessing the power of both loyalty and SMS to reach their active audience.

Volcom creates VIP experiences for members of their loyalty program, Volcom Stone Rewards, by giving them the opportunity to earn more points on purchases. In a recent SMS marketing campaign, the brand offered their VIP and VIP Plus tiers triple the points on products, easily driving program behavior and maximizing conversion. To further create an urgency to purchase, they share when the offer will expire so that customers will act fast. Loyalty members also receive exclusive sale offers via SMS — Volcom’s Lucky Day Extended Promo in particular offered subscribers an extra 40% off for an impressive 81x ROI.

“The cross-product synergies in Yotpo SMS & Email enable us to target and engage our most loyal customers in new ways we previously could not,” says Courtney Meehan, Senior Global Digital Marketing Manager at Volcom. “Activating our VIP customers provides a vastly stronger return. We see it as another way to invest in our best and most profitable customers with exclusive SMS offers and releases, while continuing retention efforts such as reward reminders and point balances. It’s a primary reason why we partnered with Yotpo SMS & Email.”

PSD Underwear Drives ROI With VIP-Exclusive Promotions

PSD Underwear specializes in premium, affordable underwear that is “made by and built for athletes, trendsetters, and people who just really love underwear.” Those who love PSD’s underwear the most, their loyalty members, also seem to love the brand’s SMS marketing. When PSD used SMS to send a VIP-exclusive offer of 25% directly to members of their Gold tier, the campaign saw an astounding 91x ROI.

“The synergy between Yotpo Loyalty and Yotpo SMS & Email has helped deepen our brand’s relationship with our most loyal customers,” says Gian Singh, eCommerce Director at PSD. “Yotpo SMS & Email has enabled us to better tailor our messaging and offers to our loyalty members, which generated an almost immediate ROI.”

Savannah Sevens Segments VIPs, Encouraging Them to Redeem Points

Savannah Sevens, your go-to brand for “western couture meets girl-next-door,” treats every one of their loyalty members like true VIPs, regardless of what tier they are in or how many points they’ve earned. How? Through segmentation.

By creating segments for each loyalty tier, such as their Gold Buckle VIPs and their Gone Platinum VIPs, they are able to tailor their SMS messaging, promos, and offers to best suit each customer’s loyalty status. Higher-tiered customers, for example, may be given a slightly steeper discount or a greater reward than new members or those in a lower tier. Adding these different point rewards to customer accounts on an annual basis in exchange for their loyalty helps the brand encourage redemption.

With this SMS marketing strategy, Savannah Sevens has seen an average of 117x ROI and a 14% click-through rate on loyalty campaigns so far. Peyton Jones, Marketing Manager at Savannah Sevens, says, “The ability to create campaigns using our loyalty data points is a huge bonus. Not only does it allow us to create more targeted campaigns for our VIP customers, it saves us time on the back end. Having all the information within one platform allows for a smooth and quick process!”

SMS is a must-have addition for any brand looking to level-up their loyalty program, and Yotpo makes it easy to get results. Yotpo SMS & Email and Yotpo Loyalty integrate seamlessly, sharing a wealth of data that you can use to reach every VIP customer with the right message and the right rewards. Request a demo to see how you can create powerful VIP experiences like these brands using our platform.