Image Credit: Yotpo Studio

166% uplift in conversion when shoppers see UGC

Create a dedicated section of your site to feature user-generated content.  You can use this to display site reviews, photos, videos, or any other type of customer-created content.

Shoppers look for past customers’ reviews and photos to inform their purchase decisions. A dedicated page on your site makes it easy for site visitors to find customer reviews, photos, Q&A, and more.

  • On average, 32% of visitors interact with customer reviews or photos while browsing an eCommerce site
  • 55% of the shoppers that end up making a purchase engaged with user-generated content before deciding to buy
  • On average, shoppers who see user-generated content convert at a 166% higher rate than those that don’t
Real Example
Mattress company Eve created an engaging reviews page with videos, media mentions, user-generated photos, reviews, and more — all in one place.