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Develop products based on customer feedback

Customer-ideated products perform 20% better on average

Reviews, photos, and questions give you insights into how your customers feel about your products and your service, and how they suit (or don’t suit) their needs.

Paying attention to both positive and negative feedback will tell you what specifically makes your customers happy, and what could be changed, updated, or removed.

You can (and should!) incorporate their feedback into your product development. arketing products as “customer-ideated”

According to Harvard Business Review, marketing products as “customer-ideated” increases market performance by up to 20%.

  • Showing customers you care about their input makes them feel heard and valued, which in turn builds their brand loyalty and increases retention among your customer community.
  • Hanging on to your customers pays. It costs nearly 7X more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one
  • Listening to your customers drives engagement. People will speak up more when they know their feedback is taken seriously


Real Example
LEGO has a dedicated site where fans can submit their ideas for new products. Customers create models and write descriptions of their product pitches. Then, once 10,000 other people vote for their idea, the designers and marketers on the LEGO review board choose which will win the opportunity to have their idea turned into LEGO’s latest release.

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