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Add customer photos to product pages

Up to 29% more checkouts

Yotpo data shows that 77% of shoppers prefer customer photos of products over professional ones.

Social proof from authentic customer photos establishes trust for hesitant online shoppers.

Photos showing real experiences convey the range of uses a product has that don’t come across in brand-produced photos.

When shoppers see authentic customer photos from Instagram or from reviews, they see how others actually use the product and how it makes them feel.

Shoppers are 137% more likely to buy a product if they see customer photos of it. With Yotpo, it’s easy to give them that experience:

  • Curate photos from Instagram of your customers using the products
  • Combine them with customer photos that were uploaded with reviews of the same product
  • Publish the customer photos in a carousel on the product page for shoppers to interact with and get an idea of how past buyers enjoy the product
Real Example
Fitness supplement company Campus Protein A/B tested the impact of adding customer photos to one of their highest converting product pages. All the photos were either curated from Instagram using their hashtag #TeamCP or uploaded by customers with their reviews. Campus Protein saw a 29% increase in the amount of customers who went from the product page to checkout when they added customer photos to their Fuel supplement product page.

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