Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
February 22nd, 2016

We have a huge announcement: You can now collect user-generated photos and step into visual marketing.

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Now you can collect and showcase User-Generated Photos on-site. This feature is available on select Yotpo packages.

Why visual marketing?

We ran a survey of 1,000 eCommerce shoppers and 77% said that authentic photos from customers affect their purchase decisions more than professional photos from stores do.

And in another survey we ran, 40% said rich user-generated content (photos or videos) would most likely affect purchase decisions.

Photos from customers decrease buyer hesitation and increase conversion rates. When shoppers see others using a product, they can connect on a personal level and see themselves using the product.

The feature is also mobile-first – it is extremely easy to leave visual reviews from any smartphone (check out the video above) – which will propel your brand experience further into the mobile generation.

Mobile Visual Commerce

This feature is just one part of our Visual Marketing Suite — a set of tools we’ll announce in upcoming months. You’ll get a ton of new tools to improve your marketing and incorporate user-generated visuals to increase your sales.

How can it work best for you?

When you enable the feature, you should change the content of your Mail After Purchase review request to let your reviewers know that they can attach up to three photos to their review!

You can encourage reviewers to get creative and really showcase your products in compelling ways. For example, if you’re selling clothing you can encourage them to take a selfie in their new outfit. And if you’re selling kitchen equipment or DIY projects, ask for pictures of the final product.

The only limitation is your imagination (or your customers’). And best of all, you can repurpose the photos as your choose!

A user-generated gallery can also be displayed through our new feature, the Photos Carousel.

How can your customers post photos to your site?

After your customers purchase one of your products, they’ll get a review request email (for existing users, it’s the exact same one as before).

After they submit a review, they are taken to a second step where they can upload up to three photos.

On desktop it’s drag-and-drop and on mobile customers can choose from their image gallery or take a photo with their device. Here are the instructions to enable the feature.

This feature is available on our Visual Marketing package.