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Educate, Inform, and Reward

Encourage shoppers to engage with your content in ways other than making a purchase, like reading articles or contributing their own content.


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If a shopper just made a purchase and isn’t ready to make another, or your brand offers a product or service with a low purchase frequency, try engaging shoppers in between purchases with educational content.

Send educational content via SMS for easy consumption

Guarantee that shoppers will engage with educational content by sending it straight to the palm of their hands. Keep content short-and-sweet — shoppers may not take the time to read a long-form article, but a quick TikTok video or short blog may do the trick.

If a shopper has inquired about or purchased certain products in the past, send educational content that may be relevant to those interests. Then, reward shoppers for engaging with loyalty points. 

Reward customers for engaging with content

This educational content can look like videos on social media or on your brand’s blog, media articles or newsletter, or even content hubs or podcasts dedicated to sharing interesting, brand-related information. 

To encourage shoppers to engage with this type of content, try rewarding them with loyalty points for reading articles, watching videos, or taking quizzes. These are easy and fun ways to keep shoppers engaged and drive retention, even in between transactions. 

The Turmeric Co. offers a great example of gamifying in this way. The brand received rave reviews from their customers, but they needed to showcase these testimonials dynamically to new shoppers landing on their site. They created a loyalty program embedded into the customer journey that also showcases authentic customer reviews, giving shoppers a reason to return over and over again.

The Turmeric Co. launched Turmeric Tokens, a strategic loyalty program designed to boost engagement and retention. The program includes 11 unique campaigns for earning points, like leaving reviews and for signing up for subscriptions.

Their loyalty program is completely customized to their brand identity, making every customer touchpoint feel organic and aligned with their mission. Specifically, to better foster education and community, The Turmeric Co. rewards shoppers for reading their wellness magazine The Root, covering topics such as pain management and immunity support — then connects relevant reviews directly to each blog page for a cohesive shopper experience. Within 24 months of implementing reviews and loyalty, The Turmeric Co. has seen a 600% increase in revenue.

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