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Engage on Social Media

Social platforms are a place to build niche followings, engaged communities, and highly personal and interactive relationships with customers and fans.


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Building a social media following lays the foundation for your community to spread the word about your brand for you — your community can become a group of your biggest brand loyalists and advocates.

Leverage real user-generated content to drive brand trust

For example, take brands like Patagonia and Outdoor Voices. These brands have amassed a dedicated following by maintaining highly active social media accounts that interact with and engage followers directly. By leveraging both influencer marketing and featuring real customers in user-generated content, these brands build a sense of authenticity and trust that keeps shoppers coming back. 

”Reviews and visual user-generated content we collect help increase buyer confidence,” says Kim Zorn, Head of Performance, Princess Polly. “We can showcase visual galleries with real people wearing our products, it’s so impactful for our shoppers.”

Princess Polly uses reviews and visual user-generated content to decrease their return rates and build both brand and product trust. With user-generated content at the heart of their strategy, Princess Polly could satisfy that customer feedback channel while also featuring influential and authentic social proof across their site.

In the new age of influencer marketing, it’s the micro-influencers that pique customers’ interest. They’re more relatable and accessible, and it’s easier for shoppers to identify with these influencers, making them a key strategy for brands looking to double down on authenticity.

Enable customers to be a part of your brand’s social media strategy

One of the easiest ways to build a relatable and engaging customer community is to put your real customers front and center. Reward shoppers with loyalty points for leaving reviews and photos, then leverage that real, authentic content on your site, across social media, in ads, in emails, and more. 

And, to build out your community, try rewarding shoppers for following your brand on social media. Princess Polly has also seen significant reviews engagement from loyalty members, who are incentivized with points for leaving reviews and photos, leading to 191% higher conversion than non-loyalty members. Loyalty members also include an image with their reviews 188% more than non-members.

“I think that there are some brands that have really capitalized on that community and made sure that their audience knows that they have a voice and that they’re being heard,” says Jamie. Levy, Head of Merchant Engagement at Shopify. “You want to empower your customers to be advocates for the brand.”