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Show Customers You Recognize Them

Integrated data leads to better customer recognition at every touchpoint.

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Without rich data from across your brand’s tech stack, it can be difficult to get a complete picture of your customers or understand their sentiment toward your brand, resulting in experiences that feel incomplete or disconnected.

What better customer experiences look like

It’s easier to show your customers you care and recognize them when your brand is leveraging connected data from an interconnected tech stack. You can provide better customer experiences that are:

  • Seamless: It’s simple and easy, from discovery to purchase, to make a purchase. The messaging, branding, and timing are all consistent — the brand, or the customer service rep, is the point of contact and communicating personally and recognizing the shopper throughout the buyer journey, online and offline. 
  • Personalized: Your brand remembers important information, like product preferences, past purchases, birthdays, and more, from all the channels a shopper has interacted with.
  • Engaging: It’s more than just easy to shop — it’s fun. Your brand evokes a feeling of exclusivity, excitement, or anticipation that makes the experience worth remembering (and returning to).

Taking a platform approach to customer recognition

A platform, like Yotpo, provides a single source of truth for the data collected from each of its solutions. That means data points collected via reviews (sentiment), data collected via your loyalty program (behavior), data collected via your SMS marketing channel (engagement), and more, are all integrated to provide one comprehensive view of a customer.

With this integrated data under a single roof, customers experience consistency across channels, increasing their satisfaction and engagement, and driving your brand’s growth. In fact, brands that use three or more Yotpo products grow their eCommerce store by 37% year over year.