Build Loyalty With Meaningful Customer Relationships

eCommerce shoppers naturally want to form a relationship with your brand. By understanding the needs of your customers and designing strategies to match their expectations, you can forge meaningful and lasting connections. In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to create strong customer relationships that boost loyalty and drive retention.

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Nikhil Naidu Product Marketing Manager Jul 14, 2020
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Learn what matters to your customers
Identify then incentivize high-value behaviors
Put the customer-brand relationship front and center

Listening to another person is an essential part of any relationship — and the one between brand and customer is no different. Taking the time to learn about your customers in as much detail as possible ensures that your loyalty efforts will align with what your shoppers want and need from your brand, which will, in turn, motivate them to return again and again.

The best way to get this feedback is to ask directly. Send out surveys, poll your customers on your Instagram story, or run focus groups. From these conversations, you can learn a lot of qualitative information about what shoppers love (or don’t love) about your brand, as well what would make them feel valued — whether that’s through discounts, VIP access, exclusive swag, or more.

With this deeper understanding of your customers, your brand can create a loyalty program that’s tailor-made to execute on a customer-centric retention strategy.

Ideally, you should first look at the behaviors of your top customers, since there are specific actions that define this segment: maybe they purchase from specific collections, follow you on social media, record unboxing videos, or leave reviews for all of their purchases.

Once you’ve identified those behaviors, you can encourage those same valuable actions from even more of your customers by using incentives — award 10 points for a follow on social media, or a special gift if they record an unboxing video.

Real relationships are not solely transactional. Be sure to make it clear to shoppers that you provide value beyond just your products.

You can do this by highlighting your loyalty program onsite in a way that creates a sense of community. This can be as simple as using language that turns your members into a “brigade,” “club,” or “clique.” You can even align this with your brand; Shefit, for example, refers to their loyalty program as the Sisterhood.

Additionally, make sure to incorporate your loyalty program into your communications with customers. When emailing a group of VIP program members, for example, be sure to acknowledge their VIP status in your greeting. Then, let them know what exclusive rewards their status allows them to access — such as limited edition products or first access to new releases.


Loyal customers drive business

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Shoppers that are likely to join the loyalty program of a brand they love

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Shoppers that will refer their friends and family to brands they love

What do the experts say?

“For brands looking to boost brand advocacy, combining loyalty and referrals programs makes so much sense. We’ve built an engaged brand community, and they can easily share their excitement with friends. The compounding value of both solutions is essential to our growth.”
Dan Weisman VP of Marketing at Ministry of Supply

How can Yotpo help?

Tailored Rewards Campaigns

Incentivize the actions that matter most to your brand to get the greatest value from your loyalty program members. Choose from a host of powerful, pre-built campaigns that are designed to effectively boost retention.

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VIP Programs

Increase account creation and total spend from customers by building a loyalty program with tiers that focus on customers’ lifetime spend rather than quantity of items purchased.

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Powerful Segmentation

Target your marketing efforts with in-depth customer segments powered by full platform data from both Loyalty & Referrals and Reviews. Use predictive analytics that determine the likelihood that a customer will make a repeat purchase in the next 90 days.

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Marketing Automation Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with the marketing tools you use every day, including reviews, email, social, support, and more.

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