Optimize the Purchase Journey Across Every Touchpoint

Every interaction you have with an eCommerce shopper defines their relationship with your brand and determines whether or not they’ll buy from you again — and your product is just one small part of the picture. In this lesson, we’ll show you how to take advantage of every touchpoint along the customer journey, from the instant potential buyers arrive on your site to the moment they’re holding your product in their hands.

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Olivia McNaughten Product Marketing Manager Jul 06, 2020


Help guide shoppers to the perfect product
Offer flexible payment options
Invest in your unboxing experience
Offer impeccable customer service

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A third of Americans say they would immediately switch companies following a single negative shopping experience, so helping them make the purchase that’s right for them is the first step on the path to retaining a customer.

Incomplete product descriptions, badly designed pages, and poor customer service are all reasons a shopper might feel unhappy with their purchase. Instead, empower them with the informative content they need — like reviews, ratings, and photos from other happy shoppers — to shop with confidence and make the right purchasing decision. Satisfied customers are repeat-purchase customers.

Checkout should be frictionless, so put your customers in full control of how they pay. Flexible payment options such as Klarna and Afterpay not only give shoppers the option to pay later or spread out the cost of a larger purchase, but they reduce the time spent entering personal information at checkout.

Faster and easier payment is especially important on mobile, where customers are less patient about tapping out credit card details. Flexible payment also gives first-time shoppers, who may be unfamiliar with your brand, the added confidence they need to make the right purchase.

Your customer’s first physical interaction with your brand begins the moment they pick up the box it was shipped in, so make this touchpoint an emotional one by investing in packaging that feels personal and valuable.

A smartly designed box not only helps to build customer loyalty, but will encourage shoppers to document and share their unboxing experience. Unboxing has even become a genre on YouTube, with millions of videos racking up billions of views. If you pair a good unboxing experience with well-timed review requests, you can turn that experience into an opportunity for high-quality videos and photos on your site that influence future sales.

Customer service is the backbone of the purchase journey. No matter how good your product is, your brand needs to be supported with next-level customer service that exceeds expectations — like going above and beyond to offer a refund, personally replying to every communication you receive, responding to messages within 24 hours, or implementing tech that automates responses for the most commonly asked questions.

Good customer service can leave a lasting impression, transforming what might have been a bad buying experience into a positive one. Be there with friendly and informative communication when they need it most and you can turn a lost customer into a loyal one.


The entire customer journey matters

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Shoppers that are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience

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Shoppers that want alternative payment options, such as instant financing

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Shoppers that would switch companies immediately after a single instance of poor service

What do the experts say?

"Our customer philosophy is that in every engagement we have with our customers, we want to make sure they come away from that experience as true ambassadors of our brand. We want it to be that impactful."
Alberto Corral Director of Marketing at UNTUCKit

How can Yotpo help?

Answer Your Customers’ Questions

Make it easy for customers to ask questions and decrease shopper hesitation by offering a Q&A section for all of your products. Get quick and reliable answers from both past buyers and your team that encourage confident purchase decisions.

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Engage With On-site Galleries

Guide shoppers toward conversion with galleries of real customer photos and videos throughout your site and social channels, which improves the purchase experience and helps with shopper expectations.

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Surface Relevant Reviews

Using artificial intelligence, our on-site Reviews widget automatically presents topic filters according to their prominence in reviews, allowing customers to easily sort reviews by the topics that interest them the most.

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Bring Products to Life

Video reviews allow shoppers to easily visualize your product in real life, resulting in quicker purchases. Collect, moderate, and publish video content that bridges the online-offline gap and enhances authenticity.

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Leatherman, Bob’s Discount Furniture, and Steve Madden use Yotpo to create incredible customer journeys that bring customers back to buy again.