Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
May 28th, 2020

Create Smarter Segmentation With Reviews & Loyalty Data in One Platform

Market to your customers more intelligently with both Reviews and Loyalty & Referrals data available in Segments Plus dashboards.

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Loyalty and referrals programs can provide your brand with important information about your customers, like their purchasing behavior and program engagement. But, knowing how your customers behave within your program is different than knowing how your customers feel about your brand. 

While loyalty-related data is essential for better segmentation, it doesn’t provide insight into actual buyer sentiment — but, you can learn sentiment from your customers’ ratings and reviews.

We first introduced Segments Plus to enable brands to create in-depth customer segments using loyalty & referrals data. Now, we’re excited to announce key Reviews data points within Segments Plus, empowering brands to build one-of-a-kind customer segmentation that combines buyer behavior with buyer sentiment.

With more data points, brands build better segments

Yotpo now sends customers’ number of reviews (including number of positive and negative reviews), average star rating, average sentiment score, and last review star rating, directly to Segments Plus. This single-platform approach provides your brand with the tools to combine sentiment with actual purchasing behavior so you can make quicker, more informed business decisions.  

For example, if you only know that your customer has made a purchase but hasn’t yet made a referral, you don’t actually know if that customer likes your brand. But, if you know the customer also left a very positive review on that purchase, you now know that the customer is likely a brand advocate — and you can build a more personalized message asking them to refer a friend.    

Here are just a few high-converting segments your brand can create with this Reviews data in Segments Plus:

  • Target customers with high average sentiment scores on their reviews who have never left a referral to encourage them to participate in the referral program.
  • Segment customers who left a low rating on their last review, then offer them bonus points to re-engage them to make another purchase. 
  • Choose VIP tier shoppers who have left more than one product review, then target them with messages encouraging them to refer their friends.
  • Find customers who have earned points for leaving reviews but have never redeemed points, then send an email suggesting they spend their points toward a relevant product based on past purchases.

With access to this cross-platform data in Segments Plus, brands can make better, revenue-driving decisions, faster. 

How do I start?

For Yotpo Reviews customers, this data will automatically appear in Segments Plus. For Loyalty & Referrals customers, visit Segments Plus today to leverage these additional segmentation features. For more information, see our support article.

Want more tips on using customer segments for loyalty? Click here.

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