Last updated on November 14, 2023

Image Credit: Yotpo Studio

Ads with UGC have a 3x higher CTR on average.

Cut through the noise of the typical ads on social networks by letting your customers do the talking.

Facebook and Instagram users are used to ignoring promotional messaging in their feeds. They aren’t on social to hear from brands — they want to hear from other people. By including customer reviews in your ads, you can leverage community trust to bring social referrals to your site.

Yotpo makes it easy to create Facebook and Instagram ads from customer reviews. And it works — these ads have a 300% higher click-through rate compared to standard advertisements.

Social proof has a huge impact on results, and combined with these best practices, you can maximize ROI:

  • Personalize your ads to make them as relevant as possible
  • Don’t exhaust your audience. Once an ad has been running for a while, replace it with a fresh ad with another customer’s content.
  • Keep it short. Use the title of your ads to attract people, but try to stick to one sentence. Long ad titles have a much lower click-through rate.
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Real Example
LifeBEAM leverages its customers’ reviews in Facebook ads alongside short, attention-grabbing titles and aspirational photos.

Not sure how to get started? This Facebook ads budget and cost calculator from Common Thread Collective will help you create a plan to make your campaign as profitable as possible.