Last updated on February 7, 2024

Kallie Price
Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
January 15th, 2024

Got shoppers’ attention over the festive season? Here are 5 strategies to keep them coming back for more.

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In 2023, Brits were predicted to spend an average of £602 each on Christmas gifts, an increase of 40% from the year before. So, there’s no doubt that this past festive season was a great opportunity to attract new customers and engage old ones. 

But, once the holiday rush passed and the decorations had been stowed away, many brands were left wondering how to retain these new customers. While it may seem like a lull in the market, the most successful eCommerce brands know that building customer loyalty and engagement is a year-round program. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take your pick out of these 5 retention-driving strategies and watch seasonal shoppers turn into brand advocates. 

Get personal with the follow-up

Let’s start with the basics – personalization. By now, most brands know that a simple post-purchase thank you email or text can go a long way in building relationships with customers. But taking this to the next level is where you can really make a lasting impact. 

Segment your customers based on how they’ve engaged across multiple channels – from website purchases to SMS and email engagement, through to loyalty point redemption. Then use this to send them messages that show you really know them. For example, use AI-powered recommendations to show them new products similar to their purchase history, and remind them how much money they could save with their current loyalty point balance.


Encourage loyalty point redemption

Loyalty programs can influence over 83% of shoppers to buy again from the same brand. However, sometimes consumers need a little extra push to get there. Reminding them of their points balance can be a great way to stay top of mind. 

As Ash Madhav, Head of Customer Insight and Engagement at Revolution Beauty, says: “Customers forget that they have points, but the more they redeem, the more active they are in the program, which results in higher order frequency and higher lifetime value. Our loyalty redemption has gone up by 40% through initiatives like points expiration reminders and offers to swap points for products.”

With tools like Yotpo Email, you can easily insert email banners that dynamically display each subscriber’s real-time loyalty data, such as points balance, points to their next reward, and more. 

For those customers who haven’t yet enrolled, sending them emails and SMS messages showing them what their previous purchase would have earned them in points is a good place to start.

Reward shoppers with post-holiday promotions

Everyone loves a good deal, and that doesn’t stop after the holidays. If you’re running post-Christmas promotions, why not tailor the offer to how loyal each customer is to your brand?

For example, offering all new customers an extra 10% off of their next purchase can be a great way to retain them beyond the holiday season and give them that extra incentive to return. And if you have a loyalty program, don’t forget to offer exclusive discounts to your members. Take inspiration from everyday activewear brand Adanola, and their rewards club. Not only do members get exclusive early access to new product launches and sales, but they also get rewarded extra points after their third purchase.

Ask shoppers what they thought

Customer reviews are amongst an eCommerce brand’s most valuable assets. Boost buyer confidence and take your social proofing to the next level by making it hassle-free for your customers to share their feedback. By embedding review requests into your email and SMS marketing strategies, customers can easily leave feedback without navigating your website.

You can also use your newly connected reviews to inject social proof into your email marketing strategy, using hand-picked customer quotes to boost conversation rates.

Tap into where your customers spend their time

Engaging customers on social media platforms is a great way to stay top of mind outside of peak holiday periods. Especially with the average consumer spending almost five hours daily on their mobile devices and nearly 150 minutes on social media. 

Encourage user-generated content by creating branded hashtags or challenges and then share these on your website to boost shopper’s trust in your brand. Or tap into influencer marketing to reach a new audience, or to introduce complementary products to an existing audience.

Social media doesn’t need to be used in isolation either. Brands like Vieve Beauty know that combining socials with loyalty point schemes is the way forward.

Reward points for interactions (follows, likes, shares, etc) and simultaneously grow your loyalty program and your social channels. Build a community that fosters true brand ambassadors.

Don’t quit while you’re ahead 

After a successful festive period, it can be easy to let your marketing strategies take a back seat for a while. But remember, the buzz of watching shoppers return to your brand again and again never goes out of season.

Whether you’re following up with personalized recommendations, incentivizing loyalty points redemption, or creating UGC competitions on Instagram, a multi-channel approach should be taken into consideration. Save yourself or your team time with a connected retention platform built for busy eCommerce marketers.