Last updated on June 1, 2023

Mariya Arabadzhieva-Todorova
Content Marketing Specialist @ Yotpo
October 27th, 2021

Launch revenue-driving SMS marketing messages in just a few clicks.

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Customer engagement is essential to the success of any seasonal or holiday marketing strategy — whether it’s for a major event like Black Friday or a more obscure celebration like National Donut Day.

With Yotpo SMS & Email’s Campaign Planner and integrated SMS template library, you can now send text campaigns that are tied to those unique and relevant moments to engage subscribers and increase conversions all year round.

What does it take to fill your calendar with revenue-driving engagements? Just a few clicks.

Plan creative, high-converting campaigns

To launch a timely SMS campaign, simply select SMS Campaigns from the navigation menu of your Yotpo SMS & Email dashboard. Under SMS Campaigns, choose Campaign Planner.

The SMS Campaign Planner will show you a calendar view of any notable retail events in the next few weeks. So if you’re stuck on your next campaign and are looking for creative, high-converting ideas to engage subscribers, this is a great place to start.

Click on an event of your choice to get a pre-built campaign draft, complete with an actionable SMS template. Each campaign is ready to go and scheduled to launch on the corresponding event date — a huge time saver for busy marketers. You can leave the copy as it is, or adjust it to better fit your brand voice and personality.

The best part? It’s fully automated, making it easy for you to plan ahead and continuously maximize revenue. Stay on top of key calendar dates, then customize and schedule text messages that convert for Halloween, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, and more in seconds.

Find the right words with in-app SMS templates

A successful SMS campaign also depends upon good copy, so we made that easy too. Now you have all the right words at your fingertips with our built-in SMS template library.

The next time you are editing an SMS message and find yourself struggling with what to say, you can turn to this gallery for inspiration. Just click “Browse templates” and you’ll get quick access to ready-to-use templates, divided into different categories: Holiday Events, Sales, Product Launch, and SMS Only offers. Load the template that best fits your goal, and customize it however you like.

This library of top-performing templates was curated by SMS experts, so you can send powerful text messages that convert every single time, without any guesswork.

Leverage events for maximum engagement

Our SMS Campaign Planner and built-in SMS template library will enable you to communicate with your subscribers on more occasions and in more effective ways, which will ultimately lead to a more engaged and loyal customer base over time. We do the planning for you, so all you have to do to take your SMS marketing to the next level is click.

Want to learn more about these advanced SMS marketing tools? Request a demo with one of our experts.