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10 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns
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What does Valentine’s Day bring to mind? Red roses, dark chocolate, and a wallet with a few less dollars in it… 

A holiday based around consumers spending money on their significant other can result in a big Q1 revenue boost for stores.

At the core of a good Valentine’s day marketing strategy is creating a connection between brand and consumer.

Building a Valentine’s Day buzz is all about knowing your audience and finding a strong way to elicit customer engagement – user-generated content is becoming a more and more popular strategy for doing that.

We took a look at the best UGC-inspired Valentine’s day marketing campaigns.

Here are the 10 that captured our hearts:

1) Nina Ricci: Best Friends Over Boyfriends!

Nina Ricci is taking a whole new approach to their Valentine’s campaign.

Realizing the power of women celebrating the day together instead of the usual pressure of finding a date, they created the #MyBestValentine campaign.

Valentine's Day marketing campaign from Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci is encouraging their customers to send in photos and videos of best friends and their perfume, then featuring them across their social media platforms.

This innovative UGC campaign gives the power of Valentine’s day to strong women everywhere.

2) Travelex: Combining Love, Travel, and Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t like a free vacation? Travelex has created an online contest that is completely user-generated content inspired.

The company has encouraged couples from around the world to send in their most romantic travel photos with the hashtag #TravelexKiss.

The best submission will be given 2 round-trip tickets to the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

Travelex Valentine's campaigns to Paris

Giving people the ability to upload from Twitter, Facebook, or directly through their website, Travelex has leveraged all of their major outlets to drive the interaction of their awesome Valentine’s day campaign.

3) Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunkin’ Their Way to Our Hearts:

Dunkin’ Donuts has built a reputation of consistently creating great UGC marketing campaigns. They understand how loyal and passionate their customer base is, and utilize that to their advantage time and time again.

For Valentine’s day, Dunkin’ Donuts utilize their social reach by getting customers to compete in a “Dunkin’ Love” Instagram contest, streaming on Facebook live, and having Snapchat Geofilters at certain Dunkin’ Donuts Locations.

Dunkin Donuts' delicious Valentine's day marketing campaign

This type of omni-channel strategy allows Dunkin’ Donuts to leverage user-generated content on various channels on the big day.

4) eHarmony: Getting Back to The Basics of Valentine’s Day

For online dating platforms such as eHarmony, Valentine’s season may be their biggest revenue generator. People across the world are looking for love, and dating sites have went from taboo to the social norm of millennial dating.

eHarmony Australia has taken an adorable take on their UGC Valentine’s Day marketing strategy for 2017. Watch the video below and you’ll quickly realize exactly what we are talking about.

As you can see, eHarmony asked kids what Valentine’s day meant to them. They brillianty got to the core of what it truly means, spending quality time with the people you care about most.

They asked their ‘little ambassadors’ to create Valentine’s day cards which the big kids can then send to friends and loved ones online.

5) Lush: Lovely Gift Bundles Boost AOV

Why buy one Valentine’s day gift for your spouse, when you can buy two or three?

Lush valentines day sales

The handmade cosmetics company Lush shows holiday bundling done right with color and creative packages that appeal to a variety of emotions – from silly puppy dog crushes to romantic passion and cute compliments.

Their great messaging paired with excellent wrapping shows any product can be packaged as the perfect romantic holiday solution. Their product language is as on-point as Cupid’s Arrow, and the bundles are a win-win for customers and company alike.

The company boosts average order value and customers get a nicely packaged, perfectly paired gift for loved ones.

Looking for more campaign ideas? See our list of top Mother’s Day Campaigns

6) Oreo: Building Consumer Chatter Before Product Even Launches

Oreo’s creates buzz by announcing a special edition red velvet flavor. By building anticipation for their limited-edition product, they’ve got people virtually lining up before the flavor even hits the shelves.

Oreo sneak-peak Valentine's campaign

Apply this to your own marketing by giving sneak peeks of limited-time offers to grow excitement and urgency around special products.

Oreo gets another win because they listened to their customers and unveiled a product under serious customer demand. Even before the launch of the red velvet flavor, customers were sharing recipe for Oreo-inspired red velvet sweets among the fan community. By giving customers what they wanted, Oreo created a product with a demand in place.

7) Vermont Teddy Bear Company: Following Customer Trends

Vermont Teddy Bear is one of our favorite companies here at Yotpo. There awareness of seasonal trends has set them apart from their competition.

50 shades of grey bear

As the new books and movies launch, everyone’s jumping on the 50 Shades of Grey wagon. With everything from Anastasia Steele makeup to 50 Shades of Grey wine, it seems almost every brand is finding a way to make their products 50 shades sexier.

Yet out of all the products, the most interesting was the Vermont Teddy Bear Company’s release of a spicier version of the classic V-day present.

8) T-Mobile: Taking UGC to Another Level of Awesome

T-mobile UGC breakup letter campaign

It’s not secret that we love UGC. T-Mobile stole our hearts with their insanely creative break up letter campaign that asked users to write to their cell phone companies with reasons why they were leaving for T-Mobile.

Not only was it a catchy and creative way to get users involved, but they could use real customer feedback to understand their customers’ pain points so they could better leverage these for their own needs.

9) Gun Oil:  The Touching Commercial We’ll Never Forget

We’ve got a soft spot for this commercial. It’s one of our favorite examples of the power of being inclusive on Valentine’s Day and realizing that everyone – single or in a relationship – has a lot of love to give.

10) Google: Storytelling of Our Milestones

Google demonstrated the power of storytelling images, tracking a romantic story from start to finish with nothing more than a Google search bar and highly popular search terms from users. Valentine’s campaigns that tell a story tend to do well because they elicit emotional responses from users.


Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s day traditions, businesses are acutely aware of the potential revenue that the day can bring their business.

Putting the focus on friends, family, and significant others for marketers is the most effective way to run a successful user-generated content campaign on the day that celebrates love.

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