Jessica Hulett
Content Manager, Brand @ Yotpo
November 8th, 2021

Is Your Reviews Solution Right For Your eCommerce Brand?

It’s not enough to just put any reviews widget on your eCommerce site and hope for the best.

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eCommerce brands need to choose their reviews solution carefully to ensure that they’re not only collecting reviews, but that they’re high-quality, able to be leveraged for marketing, and have all the functionality needed to boost conversion. 

Reviews are vital for eCommerce: a Yotpo UK shopper survey showed that nearly 60% cited customer reviews as “very important” when making a purchase. They help boost social proof, brand trust, and most importantly, conversion. If you want to get the most from your UGC, then it’s important to turn to a solution that was built specifically for eCommerce, with the needs of eCommerce brands in mind. Here’s why.   

Product trust is on the rise

If you’re using a solution that is built primarily for service-level reviews and ratings, you are missing out on leveraging the full power of product reviews. While shoppers may Google a brand they’ve never heard of to make sure it’s a legitimate business before purchasing, what they are really interested in is reviews of individual products. 

Brands should own their reviews

While it’s important for brands to publish all of their reviews — even the negative ones — they should still have the ability to control how and where they’re displayed and moderate them to weed out reviews that are fake or harmful. eCommerce brands should own their reviews, and have the ability to share them across channels. 

Plus, it’s important to host reviews on your own eCommerce site for SEO purposes. If your reviews are hosted elsewhere, they may not help to boost your Google ranking for the keywords that are important to your business.

eCommerce brands need advanced review functionality

Reviews solutions built for eCommerce understand what shoppers are looking for and how to provide it. AI-powered features such as filtering on reviews, customer Q&A, and custom questions help shoppers make better informed purchases, leading to higher customer satisfaction, fewer returns, and collecting more and better reviews. 

Visual UGC boosts brand trust and conversion

eCommerce brands miss out on customers touching, smelling, and trying on products. Photos and videos in reviews help customers visualize how the products look and function IRL. In fact, shoppers who see UGC on a brand’s site convert at a rate 161% higher than those who don’t. 

While most review solutions allow brands to collect customer photos and videos in reviews, that’s not leveraging them to their full potential. For eCommerce brands, it’s important to be able to quickly and easily collect and display those visuals across multiple channels and crucial touchpoints in the customer journey. 

Reviews should integrate with the rest of your martech stack

eCommerce brands often have complex martech stacks, and it’s important for your existing tools and technologies to work together — otherwise, you could end up with leaks in your sales funnel or gaps in your analytics. The reviews solutions you choose should integrate with the tools you use every day, including your eCommerce platform, Google, CRM, and other third-party apps. 

The customer experience should be seamless

Your customer reviews should be fully integrated into your site’s look and feel without prominent third-party branding — and that integration shouldn’t require you to hire a developer. eCommerce-first reviews solutions are built so that even small brands with limited resources can get them up and running, and working to scale their business, quickly. 

eCommerce brands need to collect actionable insights

Review solutions that are built for eCommerce brands capture the actionable insights that online retailers need. Engagement rates, sentiment analysis, and customer behavior at the product level are important metrics to collect, so that you can measure how UGC impacts your bottom line, in real-time. 

Yotpo is built for eCommerce Brands

With Yotpo, you’ll get an integrated reviews solution that was designed to help eCommerce businesses grow. Yotpo Reviews give brands the tools they need to collect, display, and measure UGC, so that they can turn their happy customers into brand evangelists. To learn more, request a demo here.

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