Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
April 26th, 2021

Living Proof, Leatherman, and KEEN Footwear are leveraging reviews, ratings, and visual user-generated content to build trust and drive sales.

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We love highlighting brands that are innovating in the eCommerce marketing space. With Yotpo at the core of their strategies, Living Proof, Leatherman, and KEEN are expertly leveraging user-generated content, including reviews, ratings, and customers photos and videos, to showcase their products, bolster their community, and most importantly, drive revenue. 

By displaying influential social proof across their sites and marketing channels, Living Proof, Leatherman, and KEEN are not only increasing click-through rates and driving conversion — they’re building customer-centric brands that bring shoppers back again and again.

Read on for an inside look into how Yotpo powers these highly impactful eCommerce strategies.

Living Proof increases conversion rates by 1.6x

Platform & Agency

Salesforce Commerce Cloud and DEG


Living Proof needed a way to streamline their customer journeys with an integrated tech stack that accounted for every touchpoint, from acquisition to fulfillment. Many of their shoppers were discovering the brand via third-party retailers, and Living Proof needed a way to bring traffic to their D2C channels to collect and leverage valuable customer data.


By showcasing Yotpo-powered reviews and ratings in paid and organic search results, the brand could drive more traffic back to their site, and those reviews also give the Living Proof team insight into customer feedback. 

Featuring this social proof both in ads and across onsite product pages has increased time onsite by 135%, increased conversion rates by 1.6x, and created a more authentic and personal brand experience as customers move through the buyer journey. 

In addition, Yotpo’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables Living Proof to launch engaging influencer campaigns, helping the brand bring additional traffic back to their site and aggregate valuable customer data that could further inform more personalized experiences — another strategy that’s helped the brand attract more shoppers to their owned channels.

In their own words:

Leatherman collects 22,000 reviews, fast

Platform & Agency

Salesforce Commerce Cloud and DemandPDX 


Leatherman has an engaged community, and they needed a way to update their on-site experience to feature their customers’ content to build trust and drive conversion from the get-go. 


With Yotpo, Leatherman built a visual gallery on the site that’s not only engaging — it’s shoppable. The images featured user-generated photos and videos from Instagram, capturing their products in action and providing influential social proof.

From the gallery, the brand could drive traffic directly to product pages with reviews. Plus, with Yotpo’s Smart Prompts feature, reviewers are prompted to leave specific information, like “tool usage type” and “ease of use” to help other shoppers discover the best products for their needs. Plus, with Yotpo’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Leatherman consolidated their tech stack to build and manage these experiences seamlessly across their site. 

With Yotpo, Leatherman’s shoppable gallery now boasts a 12% CTR, and they’ve collected over 22,000 reviews — and counting.

In their own words:

KEEN Footwear builds a more connected shopping experience

Platform & Agency

Salesforce Commerce Cloud & DemandPDX


In order to enable their aptly named “fans” to connect with their mission throughout the buyer journey, the KEEN team needed a way to go beyond simply selling. As the brand grew, they needed to create scalable personalized experiences on every channel to connect with their customers throughout expansion.


The KEEN team partnered with Yotpo to collect customer reviews and ratings to better understand what shoppers are looking for, what they like, and what they might change. From there, the brand could showcase that social proof across the buyer journey, like featuring reviews in top-of-funnel ads and showcasing reviews onsite. 

With reviews on product pages, KEEN provides valuable information to prospective shoppers looking for more information prior to purchase. Now, the brand also features a dedicated page for product and site reviews — a tactic that’s transparent and helps customers feel even closer to the brand, and it provides massive SEO benefits for KEEN.

Displaying this customer content is extremely impactful, and when integrated with KEEN’s eCommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the possibilities were endless. In fact, when the pandemic hit, KEEN was able to leverage SFCC to transform their website into a philanthropy tool. They created a custom homepage on their D2C site with a form for fans “to nominate someone in need, in their life, for a free pair of KEEN shoes.” 

The brand put their community front and center by letting their customers choose who received the charitable donations. And, by deepening their connection with their shoppers with the use of Yotpo Reviews, KEEN gained valuable insights into how shoppers choose to experience their products. These efforts brought their social and merchandising teams closer together —  now, the KEEN community influences their product development. With UGC, KEEN could craft a strategy that empowered the brand to deliver social proof through the customer experience to build connection and drive conversion.

In their own words:

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