Last updated on October 17, 2023

Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
June 29th, 2020 | 3 minutes read

A review-lutionary new way to collect more reviews that make an impact.

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Reviews are a valuable form of social proof; in fact, having 100 reviews on any given product can boost conversion rates by 2x. But, as brands focus on collecting reviews from their shoppers, what really matters more: the quantity of reviews collected, or the quality of the feedback in each review?

While more reviews are helpful, more of the same content isn’t always the most impactful. Twenty quick reviews with comments like “Love this dress!” and “Really cute!” aren’t necessarily influential enough to push a potential customer to purchase. 

However, an in-depth review that addresses the right topics — like one that includes details about the on-trend style, the slim fit, or washable material — provides shoppers with important information and interesting topics. And it’s these key details that are more likely to push a shopper from browsing to buying.

With Smart Prompts, it’s easy for shoppers to make every review more thoughtful.

Powered by our AI engine, Smart Prompts dynamically suggests relevant, high-converting topics in real-time as shoppers write reviews, so your brand can collect more of the content that matters most. 

Our Smart Filters already enable shoppers browsing your products to cut through the content noise to find the on-site reviews most relevant to them; now, with Smart Prompts, brands collect more of the feedback their shoppers are interested in — more efficiently turning every review into a revenue driver.

Higher-quality review content that converts  

With Smart Prompts, brands can collect better reviews covering the topics their shoppers care about most — in fact, suggested topics are 4x more likely to be mentioned in a review.   

How does it work? 

Smart Prompts encourages customers to write more in-depth reviews by dynamically suggesting relevant topics that we know shoppers are interested in. The powerful AI engine extracts frequently mentioned topics from past reviews and analyzes on-site engagement with Smart Filters to continually optimize and refine suggestions based on shopper interest. As brands collect more reviews, the topics naturally become more relevant. 

To ensure reviews cover a broad range of topics, Smart Prompts continually surfaces and measures new topics. This keeps reviews authentic and relevant in real time, so you can generate more impactful content specifically tailored to drive success for your brand. 

Beat writer’s block — and generate more reviews 

By giving your customers a kickstart with suggested topics, you can prevent their writers’ block, helping your brand to collect more reviews than ever before.

Smart Prompts makes it easy for customers to leave thoughtful feedback — in fact, by providing relevant topics in their review requests, brands see, on average, a 4-5% increase in review response conversion

By utilizing Smart Prompts in your Landing Page review requests, your brand can also collect more visually engaging content that bolsters your brand identity. In fact, shoppers are 50% more likely to include media, like a photo or video of the product, in these reviews.

Smarter review collection empowers smarter review displays

The powerful connection between collecting better reviews with Smart Prompts and building beautiful review displays with Smart Filters allows for continuous optimization of both AI-powered features.

By continuously analyzing and identifying the topics customers most frequently write about and the filters they click on most, brands can collect higher-converting reviews and showcase them more effectively on site to maximize conversion. 

How to get started?

To get started with Smart Prompts, you must be using our Landing Page review requests. Head to our support article to learn more.