Give Your Customers Creative License

No matter your industry, your customers have a creative side that can improve your products. Invite them to contribute their ideas in a contest that plays to their strengths. They may not have the technical skills to redesign a dress, for example, but they likely have a ton of ideas for colors, prints, or fabrics to use.

Holding a contest to crowdsource design ideas:

  • Engages customers and makes them excited to interact with your brand. Engaged customers spend 20%-40% more than other customers, and they’re likely to return for more purchases.
  • Encourages exposure to new audiences, since applicants and finalists will likely share their submissions on social
  • Adds new interest to your products

customer retention spanx
In addition to using the winning customer’s design, give them a prize to further incentivize submissions and create buzz around the contest.

Real Example
Spanx runs the “Illuminate-Her” contest, calling on female artists to submit designs that will be applied to a collection of artistic bras. The winner gets $5,000, 10 free bras, “and her artwork featured on boobs around the world!” The contest sparks engagement and social shares, while also creating a unique and enticing new product line.

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