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When you ask unhappy customers to advocate for your brand

Sometimes, your shoppers’ just aren’t that into you. Learn how to engage with the right customers.

What happens when you’re not segmenting

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Immediately no. Unhappy shoppers will unsubscribe before they even finish reading your text.

When you’re gearing up to ask your customers to do something for you, it’s important that you target those most likely to be brand advocates at this moment. This is not the kind of campaign you want to blast to your entire list. 

Having the ability to discern who your shoppers are will help you connect with the right customers when asking for things like a referral, for example.

Build segments for happy customers

We’re making it super simple to tailor your engagement for happy and unhappy customers with our Reviews Submitted flow. These pre-built flows automatically trigger when a customer leaves a review. So now, not only are you quickly addressing any unhappy customers, but you can also ask the shoppers who love you most to advocate on your behalf with a referral offer.

Are you ready to wipe away that frown?