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When a customer gets a promotional text for a product they just purchased

Understanding your segment conditions can help you avoid sending irrelevant messages

What happens when you’re not segmenting

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Nothing gets customers more riled up than when they receive a text announcing that the product they just bought is now on sale.

Talk about instant buyer’s remorse. Immediacy is one of the advantages of SMS marketing, but before you blast your entire subscriber list with that upcoming promo, you may want to dial in on your intended audience.

Better segment building, at your fingertips

This is where understanding your segment conditions comes into play. Each segment is made up of one or more conditions that define who should be included and/or excluded from your audience. 

Creating segments can easily become complex, especially if your brand has several SKUs, but it doesn’t have to be. With Tailor Segments, simply provide a description of the segment you’re looking for like all loyalty members who have purchased from the Winter Collection in the last 30 days and Tailor will instantly generate that segment for you.

Are you ready to wipe away that frown?