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When a subscriber gets a text invite for an IRL event not in their city

The details matter, don’t blast your entire SMS subscriber list with invites to events way outside of their zip code.

What happens when you’re not using your data

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There’s FOMO and there’s just plain teasing.

Shoppers are ready to venture out to IRL events again, so blasting your entire list about a popup that you know not all of your shoppers could make it to isn’t the best way to strengthen that relationship.

Leverage data to keep it local

Utilize the customer data you have at your fingertips to create personalized messaging that caters to both IRL and virtual events. You’ve been collecting zero-party data, including addresses, so now start to segment your audience using those personal attributes and start making real connections. 

Using the customer attributes filter, you can manage your audience by focusing on creating strong SMS marketing campaigns for customers who fall under specific categories. For example, you can filter by proximity to location using a zip code and mile range – and reach everyone within a certain distance of a specific city.

Are you ready to wipe away that frown?