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When shoppers get a back-in-stock text for an item they aren’t interested in

While restock alerts should be celebrated, it really is a need-to-know situation. Lean on the data you’ve collected to message the right people.

What happens when you’re not using your data

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We've all gotten texts that say "Your favorite [item here] is Back in Stock!" only to click the link and find a product we've never seen before.


Using a batch and blast method to announce when products are back in stock can be bad for your budget and your business.

When it comes time to let your customers know a particular product is back on the proverbial shelf it’s better if you share that information with the customers most likely to make a purchase. 

You’ve opted into a smarter SMS experience

Collect the right data. Allow subscribers to opt-in to be the first to know when their favorite or most desired products are available to purchase. 

With the back-in-stock flow, you can add a custom widget that appears dynamically on your product pages when items go out of stock. Here, shoppers can choose to be notified, down to the specific variant like size or color- letting them get reminders when it really matters. When the product is available again, the customer will automatically be informed via SMS and/or email. And, they’ll get a Click-to-Buy link, which will bring them straight to the checkout page with the item, to snag it before it’s gone again.

Are you ready to wipe away that frown?