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When a shopper makes a purchase and you ghost them

Don’t leave them hanging, utilize order and shipping confirmation flows to keep your shoppers engaged and informed of their order.

What happens when you’re not leveraging your SMS tool correctly

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Don’t ghost your customers. When they make that purchase with you, they want to be reassured their purchase has not only gone through but is on its way as soon as possible, with timely text updates.

There’s nothing quite like an “out for delivery” update. Most of these notifications come via email, but shoppers are willingly leaving you with their phone number at checkout and are open to receiving text messages with order updates. In fact, 40% of shoppers said they prefer to receive transactional messages via text.

What should you do?

Post-purchase, immediately thank your customers for shopping with you and confirm their order will be on the way shortly. Give customers the option to respond to your text with questions or issues. Once the order ships, create the ultimate mobile shopping experience by automatically sending a message with tracking information so shoppers can check on the status of their order. 

Just Delivered: A better SMS experience

With Shopify integrations and custom shipping apps like Malomo, Wonderment, AfterShip, and more, you can trigger automated text notifications to customers regarding their order status, shipment updates, and delivery tracking information. 


Are you ready to wipe away that frown?