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When a subscriber isn’t given a clear call to action

If you're asking subscribers to take action, whether that be to make a purchase or visit your store, not including a clear way for them to take action is a missed opportunity.

What happens when you’re not leveraging your SMS tool correctly

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Decision fatigue plagues many shoppers, as they’re completely inundated with choices and options when they shop.

It’s important to guide your shoppers to checkout with very clear calls to action and messaging that leans into why they need to complete this purchase now.

There’s nothing worse than sending a shopper a text about an item they left behind without a way to get back to it. Or maybe you are including a link, but your current setup requires shoppers to log into their account to wrap up their purchase.

A better SMS path to purchase

For example, Click-to-buy uses our native integration with Shopify and creates a personalized link that takes each customer to a pre-populated cart experience – expediting the path to purchase and increasing conversions. Brands can promote different products depending on the selected audience and have the option to apply a discount within the SMS campaign setup.

In addition, Click-to-Redeem is a great way to incentivize your loyal shoppers to return to your site and make another purchase. With Click-to-Redeem, customers receive a message with a link leading them directly to your store’s homepage or a landing page of your choice. Once they get to the checkout, their reward discount will be automatically applied to their cart.

Finally, offer your customers a hassle-free login experience with Seamless Login. The feature provides your subscribers with a convenient way to log into your store just by clicking a link. No account? No problem- clicking the link will also create an account for new shoppers. This feature can help boost loyalty participation, increase the number of accounts created, and let you engage more personally with your SMS subscribers.

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