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When a long-time customer gets a newbie message

This is not your VIP’s first rodeo. Ignoring their loyalty to your brand can cause permanent damage to the relationship.

What happens when you’re not using your data

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Shoppers spend both time and money with your brand, so don’t let incorrect targeting drive a wedge between you.

There is nothing more offensive than hitting your repeat shoppers with texts encouraging their “first purchase” or even worse, welcoming them to your brand. Yikes.

Dial in your customer segments

“Imagine you receive a text message promoting a new line of lipsticks targeted toward new customers, even though your purchase history and shopping behavior indicate a preference for skincare products. This lack of personalized targeting makes you feel overlooked as a loyal customer and reduces your interest in the promotion,” notes Amanda Porter, eCommerce Manager at InteractOne.

Leverage a mix of zero and first-party data like first name, preferences from quiz results, shopping behavior, and customer attributes to build segments smarter and deliver messages that resonate with your repeat shoppers and keep them coming back again and again. 

See it in action

Let’s say we’re releasing a brand new lotion, created specifically for dry skin. Rather than hitting all of our customers in the same way, we want to treat our current lotion buyers more thoughtfully than say, our subscribers who haven’t purchased yet. 

So let’s make a segment of those who have purchased any of our other lotion products in the past. But wait, let’s make it even more personalized. Let’s say we only take a look at those who haven’t purchased in the last 30 days, to make sure we’re not hitting them too soon after a recent purchase. To really round this segment out, let’s also consider who submitted our Skin Quiz and specifically told us they have dry skin. 

This is how we can put our customer data to work in a relevant and impactful way. 

Are you ready to wipe away that frown?