Last updated on May 23, 2023

Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
June 8th, 2020

The answer? Yes. Yotpo’s recent consumer survey presents SMS marketing as a burgeoning — and essential — channel for brands looking to drive eCommerce growth.

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Consumers’ mobile phones are their windows to the world, and they’ve taken over the way people communicate, learn, work, entertain, and shop. Over 54% of online shopping is expected to take place on mobile in 2021, and in May of this year, Yotpo saw a 124% year-over-year increase in the number of text messages being sent from brands using Yotpo SMS & Email.

It’s clear that the rise of mobile usage is the defining marketing trend for direct-to-consumer merchants. But how do consumers feel about receiving texts from brands?

In April 2020, we conducted a consumer survey to better understand consumer sentiment toward the SMS marketing messages that brands send. The survey was taken by over 800 respondents across 38 countries.

Among the data we collected, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Mobile shoppers crave personalized mobile experiences, and they’re willing to share their information to get them. Brands that build targeted SMS experiences will drive even more engagement.
  • Consumers want to receive messages via text, but they’re also active on other channels. SMS marketing should be one component of a multi-channel eCommerce marketing strategy.
  • Consumer adoption of SMS marketing as a channel is well underway. Brands need to look to text marketing to truly connect with customers where they’re most active. 

Over half of shoppers want to receive texts from brands

Consumers expect — and prefer — to be able to text with their favorite brands. The rise in mobile usage means these shoppers are always on their devices, and businesses should be too. With almost half of consumers already signed up to receive texts from brands, brands that don’t leverage SMS marketing will remain behind the curve.

  • Over 51% of consumers are interested in being able to text with their favorite brands
  • Over 54% of consumers want to receive coupons, discounts, and promotional offers via text from a brand
  • Over 48% of consumers have already signed up to receive texts from a brand
  • Only 20% of consumers admit they look at their phone over 100 times a day, and 72.4% look at their phone between 25-100 times a day
  • Over 65% of online shoppers choose to browse or shop online from their mobile devices, as opposed to a laptop (13%) or desktop computer (12%)
  • 76% of loyalty program members will opt-in to communicate with their favorite brand through SMS

Personalization isn’t just important — it’s imperative 

Sending the right messages to the right shoppers at the right time is the ideal way to successfully reach and retain mobile consumers. Brands should focus on creating personalized experiences by engaging each shopper with tailored messages and two-way conversations, building emotional connections that maximize CLTV. 

  • Over 54% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the messages they receive are personalized
  • Over 41% of consumers are willing to share information with a brand in order to receive a more personalized SMS experience
  • Over 70% of consumers say they will either definitely or are very likely to tell a friend or family member if they receive personalized messages from a brand

Shoppers are multi-channel, and brands should be too

In order to reach every shopper, merchants should leverage SMS marketing, but that doesn’t mean they need to replace existing marketing strategies. Instead, use a platform with multiple, integrated eCommerce solutions, like reviews and loyalty & referrals programs, to build comprehensive customer experiences to fit every shoppers’ preference, including SMS, email, social media, on site, and more.

  • 41% of consumers prefer to receive messages from a brand on their mobile device via text, already rivaling email (46%), and followed by social media (8%) and phone calls (6%)
  • 24% of consumers prefer to receive communications from a brand via both SMS and email
  • 56% of consumers would be interested in sharing their product feedback with their favorite brands directly through text

What does this mean for eCommerce brands?

The results are in: brands that don’t leverage SMS marketing will fall behind. 

The value of SMS marketing is clear; the channel boasts a whopping 98% open rate, and, on average, 90% of messages are read within three minutes. Brands need to jump on this opportunity to reach shoppers where they are: everywhere. 

As businesses continue to navigate the shifts in consumer and eCommerce trends due to COVID-19, text marketing opens the door to continue to engage shoppers and build community during a time when nurturing relationships is more imperative than ever

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