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Aimee Millwood
Director of Content at Yotpo
July 28th, 2017

How Reviews Can Be Used For Customer Feedback Analysis

Your customers are talking, are you really listening?

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Customers are communicating with your eCommerce brand across many different channels. Their feedback matters, but it’s not always possible to manually check each and every customer review.

This is where data science comes in.

In this video, learn why customer feedback analysis matters, and how new advances in data science are making it easier for you to get the insights that matter.




What’s up? I’m Talia, and this is Data Labs by Yotpo.

Today, we crunched the numbers from 163 million orders from 200,000 stores, to bring you the latest data on UGC. 

Everything you’re about to see is backed by cold, hard data. Let’s jump in.

Today, we’re looking at the words that appear most often in customer reviews. When it comes to reviews, often times, we focus on the average star rating, but what’s really interesting and important for businesses is what people are actually writing in the reviews.

But, if you’re getting a lot of reviews, it can be hard to synthesize main takeaways from all the reviews.

So, we used natural language processing to look at 21 million reviews to see the words that appeared most for certain industries.

Here’s what we learned:

Health & Beauty reviews tend to be personal.

The most used words in these reviews were “you” and “me,” which is super interesting because it shows health and beauty shoppers are writing really personal reviews, talking about how the product felt on me, or how it might look on you

Sports shoppers write about quality, fit and service.

When it comes to sports, people are writing most about quality, fit, and service, which makes sense because when people are buying things like uniforms and workout clothes online, they want to know the quality and fit.

What’s important to note is that people buying sports gear online are also talking a lot about service.

For apparel shoppers, fit and quality are the biggest concerns.

When it comes to apparel, similar to sports, size, quality and wear, were some of the words that appear the most. 

Again, when you’re buying clothing online, it’s really hard to describe what the sizing might be, or what’s the quality or what it’s going to look like when you wear it.

So it makes sense that that’s the kind of thing shoppers are talking about in reviews, and that’s really good for your business if you’re in the apparel industry.

Food & Tobacco shoppers care about flavor.

No surprise here, but Food & Tobacco buyers use the words “flavor” and “taste” more than any other words in their reviews. Runners up include “order” and “time,” which makes sense when we’re talking about perishable products.

Reviews are generally really positive!

When we look at all industries, the words that appear the most by far, are, great, and love. That shows that most reviews are positive. In fact, we actually find that 94% of reviews are four stars and more.

So, there you have it — the wisdom of 21 million reviews synthesized into 5 fast takeaways through the magic of natural language processing.

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