Google Seller Ratings

As an official Google partner, Yotpo helps you show off your star ratings to increase CTR and decrease overall ad spend with Google Seller Ratings

Boost buyer confidence with Google Seller Ratings

Increase Your Ad Click Through Rate

According to Google, ads with Seller Ratings increases click-through rate by 17% and have a lower cost-per-click.

Build Credibility and Trust Around Your Brand

Seller Ratings let shoppers know you are a trusted business with a good reputation, by displaying your store’s star rating alongside your ads.

Stand Out on Google Search

Seller Ratings take reviews into account and your Ads will stand out on search, and compared to your competitors.
“The only way to stand out is to use tools to build your reputation and get your name out there”
Rob Conley
Founder & CEO of Beanilla

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What are Google Seller Ratings?

90% of online shoppers say that reviews from other customers help to influence their purchase decisions. Use site reviews from your happy customers to let other shoppers know instantly that you are a trusted store by displaying Google Seller Ratings alongside your ads.

Google Seller Ratings let online customers know that your business is highly rated and recommended by other shoppers. They show your store’s average star rating alongside your ads based on site reviews given by your customers.

Google Seller Ratings shows online shoppers that you are a trusted business with a good reputation by displaying your store’s star rating alongside your ads. Google aggregates reviews of your site and creates an aggregated star ranking that is then displayed next to your adwords ads on Google search results.

Google Seller Ratings vs. Product Ratings

Seller ratings are based on site ratings written about your online store by past customers. This differs from product reviews which are directed specifically toward the benefits of a certain product that you may be selling online.

Pro Tip: Yotpo provides an easy mechanism for you to generate both product and site reviews from your past shoppers, so you can collect different forms of user-generated content and encourage more shoppers to come to your site.

Google Seller Ratings Do More Than Just Make a Good First Impression

Boost buyer confidence

A great way to increase traffic to your site, Google Seller Ratings almost like a store window to your online shop. Your customers can get a quick glimpse of how other shoppers have rated your shop, which can heavily influence their purchasing decision when choosing where to buy.

Increase traffic to your site

Google Seller Ratings are an effective way to bring more traffic to your site. By using the star ratings as a quick indication of how other shoppers see your service, they have the power to help customers decide to continue on to your store.

Build buzz around your brand

If you want to increase sales and build your brand, creating an online presence is essential. Star ratings provide a quick visual endorsement on behalf of your customers that can help you rise above your competitors, and stand out on search.

How to get star ratings on your Google ads

Getting Google Seller ratings onto your ads is an easy process that, once set up, requires minimal effort to upkeep. Once set up, using these ratings can be a powerful tool to help customers know that your business is trustworthy and has a great reputation among other online shoppers.

  1. You business needs to have collected at least 150 unique site reviews from the last 12 months.
  2. Your business has an aggregated score of at least 3.5 out of 5 on Google Shopping
  3. Your campaign is opted into Google Search. This means that the campaign type should be “Search Network with Display Select”, “Search & Display Networks” or “Search Network Only”
  4. You are an advertiser that provides customers with paid goods or services.

After you have me the above criteria, Google will automatically opt you to display star ratings on your Google ads and any search partners.

Get more customers to your site with Google Seller Ratings

Google Seller Ratings make your ads stand out against your competitors’ ads and improve your click-through rate more than any other ad extension. But before you can see them next to your ads you need to collect reviews.

Here are our tips to help you get more site reviews and increase your star rating on Google search.

Ask your customers for reviews

It really is that simple; just ask! Online shoppers love to tell others of their experience shopping your brand, so why not provide them with the opportunity to do so? By sending out a review request via email to your past shoppers after they make their purchase, you provide an easy place for customers to talk about their experience – helping you to generate tons of reviews for your site. Use Yotpo’s Mail After Purchase feature to customize the look and feel of your review requests to suit your brand, or offer coupons through our platform to give an added incentive to fill out your request.

Focus on customer experience

Nothing motivates a customer to write a review like a positive customer experience, from browsing to checkout. In a noisy marketplace, you can ensure your brand stands out by remembering to make every aspect of the customer journey as intuitive, seamless, and quick as possible. By keeping your customers happy, they will be sure to spread the good word to others!

Engage with your shoppers

In collecting reviews from customers, you are also starting a conversation with them. Think of your site as a typical brick-and-mortar store, if you provide a space for them to express their questions and concerns about your product, you are more likely to build trust in your brand for current and future shoppers alike. Be sure to read what your customers are saying about your products and respond to customer queries, to build a community around your product and help customers engage with your brand.

Boost your Google Seller Ratings with Yotpo

Yotpo’s partnership with Google allows us to use the star ratings you get with Yotpo in your Google search results. This helps you because not only do you collect reviews you can display on site, but you can also get the added benefit of showing those off in your paid ads.

If you are running AdWords campaigns or have a Google Merchant account, the Google Seller Ratings will show up in your campaigns and in Google Shopping.

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