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Showcase UGC in your product packaging

40% of customers share photos of great product packaging on social
Packaging is becoming as important to customer experience as the product itself. So what better way to encourage customers to send in photos than to hold a contest and feature winners right on your packaging – for all to see!

Featuring UGC on your product packaging has a number of benefits:

  • More buzz: 40% of customers will share photos of great product packaging on social mediaDrives website traffic: Fans come to submit photos, to vote, and to check how they stack up against the competition. They also invite their friends and family to the website to vote for them!
  • Lifts conversions: Winners and their social circles want supplies of the product with their loved one’s face on it. Plus, while perusing your store, they might find related products they want to try.
  • Sparks customer loyalty: Customers share their creations (especially if they win!) on their own social media. Having their work featured on product packaging feels good, so it creates a strong bond between UGC creators and the brand.
  • Low acquisition costs: Ads that feature customer photos have a 50% lower acquisition cost than ads with branded photos. Product packaging is your most concrete advertisement!
Real Example
Jones bases their entire marketing strategy around UGC, right down to the labels on their bottles. Users can submit their photographs and anyone can vote for their favorites on the Jones website. The winners make it onto a soda label and have their work showcased for all Jones customers to see! Winners will often take a selfie when they find their submission in stores, which leads to sharing and further brand engagement.

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