Last updated on June 25, 2020

Nikhil Naidu
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
June 25th, 2020 | 2 minutes read

Things change fast.

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Your products, your competitors, and the eCommerce landscape as a whole — they’re all constantly evolving.

Today, building a loyalty program that’s most engaging for customers requires your brand to be agile and fast adapting. It’s no longer enough to just plug in your loyalty program and leave it stagnant; instead, the best loyalty strategies are as dynamic as the brands and customers they support.

Introducing Yotpo’s Campaign Scheduling feature, built to enable your brand to proactively manage all aspects of your loyalty program. With this feature, Yotpo’s spend-based, social media, and engagement-driving campaigns can be customized and scheduled in advance and deployed at a later date.

With Campaign Scheduling, your brand can plan promotions, run time-sensitive campaigns that keep your loyalty program top of mind, and capitalize on the moments your shoppers are most likely to make purchasing decisions.

What does this enable for your loyalty strategy?

  • Keep your loyalty program fresh and engaging. Scheduled campaigns can be a great strategy to re-engage customers and keep them excited about your loyalty program. This could take the form of a holiday promotion, a double-points happy hour every Friday evening, or a surprise bonus reward for customers who purchase on a particular holiday.
  • Support new releases, or deal with excess inventory. If you have a new release coming up, or you’re seeing inventory build up for a particular product, offer an extra reward to customers who purchase these high-impact products. A bonus reward can often be enough to incentivize a shopper to purchase something new.
  • Optimize your program more efficiently. Run a more agile loyalty program. If you notice dips in program engagement, or any other program-related KPI, a scheduled campaign can help to increase loyalty participation. Before committing to new campaigns, you can also test them out over a shorter period of time to see how they perform.

How to get started?

To start scheduling campaigns in your loyalty program, check out the Earning Points section of your Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals account. Reach out to your CSM for suggestions on how to incorporate scheduling into your loyalty program.