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Cristina Dinozo
Senior Director of Marketing Communication @ Yotpo
June 21st, 2022 | 4 minutes read

Yotpo’s New “Click-to-Buy” Feature That Pre-Populates and Personalizes Shopping Carts With One Click Drives 99x ROI for the Popular Skincare Brand

NEW YORK, NY (June 21, 2022)Barefaced, a popular direct-to-consumer skincare brand, is experiencing rapid growth after partnering with Yotpo, an eCommerce marketing platform. Looking for a better way to reward and retain loyal customers, Barefaced leverages Yotpo SMS & Email, Reviews and Loyalty to create marketing campaigns that are timely, friendly and approachable to strengthen customer relationships. In particular, Barefaced adopted Yotpo SMS & Email’s latest innovation- “Click-to-Buy” SMS marketing campaigns- to generate significant incremental sales and ROI.

Founded by Jordan Harper, Barefaced provides simple, results-driven routines that transform customers’ skin based on their unique skin type and concerns. Barefaced focuses on establishing long-term customer loyalty to drive business success.

“People buy from people, and the Yotpo platform humanizes your brand,” says Ashley Buckler, Brand Director at Barefaced. Plus, with Yotpo’s SMS, reviews, and loyalty solutions working together under one roof, Barefaced can use cross-product data to create individualized messaging, show real results from customers to boost buyer confidence, and more.

“When we strategize, we think about the customer journey as a holistic experience, and that means that loyalty ties in with SMS, which ties in with reviews, and they come together to form a beautiful roadmap. Because of that, we’ve been able to deepen our relationship with each customer and drive revenue for the business,” says Callie Tivnan, eCommerce Manager at Barefaced.

With Yotpo SMS & Email, Barefaced sends personalized, one-on-one messages to share exciting updates and new product drops. But they don’t limit their SMS usage to one-way marketing — Barefaced also encourages customers to text questions to their Skincare Specialists in real time. “The conversational messaging really brings our Skincare Specialists to life. It makes the brand feel more real and accessible, knowing that you’re talking to a real person on the other side,” says Tivnan.

To optimize the customer experience even further, Barefaced sought out more ways to simplify and remove friction from the customer’s path to purchase, and they found their solution in Yotpo’s first-of-its-kind SMS feature, Click-to-Buy.

Click-to-Buy, which advances shopping personalization through text messaging, enables brands to curate and send tailored product recommendations via SMS; add GIFs of rotating product images from a Shopify store; and pre-populate a discount or loyalty reward code at checkout. All the customer has to do is click the link in the text message to access the pre-populated cart and proceed with their purchase, for a shopping experience that is quick, seamless, and highly convenient.

Barefaced uses these Click-to-Buy campaigns to share detailed information about the skincare products they think are a good fit for customers, create captivating GIFs to further encourage them to purchase, and then push customers straight to checkout. This is a critical moment for mobile-first eCommerce success: Barefaced can rely on Click-to-Buy to guide customers to checkout faster (and more regularly) than before.

Leveraging this new technology has already resulted in an astounding ROI for the brand. Barefaced was previously seeing an average 88x ROI from Yotpo SMS & Email campaigns, but with Click-to-Buy they have driven 99x ROI on two campaigns and 119x ROI on another.

On the early success of the feature, Tivnan comments, “With Click-to-Buy, we enhance the shopping experience for customers by removing friction in their path to purchase. We’re able to send customers straight to checkout from a text with links to curated carts of products they really want.”

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