Rosa Hu
VP of Product Marketing at Yotpo
May 9th, 2023

Yotpo Launches eCommerce Retention Marketing Platform and New Pricing to Combat Rising Customer Acquisition Costs and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

New York, May 10, 2023 – Yotpo is proud to announce the launch of their new Yotpo eCommerce Retention Marketing Platform. The full platform consists of Yotpo Reviews, Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals, Yotpo SMS & Email, and Yotpo Subscriptions. Brands can now seamlessly connect these solutions all under the same data and experience stack, and leverage new innovations to drive, track, and optimize retention.

Coupled with the unprecedented challenges in the economy and increasing customer acquisition costs, Yotpo is committed to helping eCommerce brands succeed in their efforts to increase customer retention by offering this new retention-optimized tech stack at lower prices to help address total cost of marketing tech ownership.

Yotpo’s connected platform empowers brands to build post-purchase experiences that encourage customers to buy again by offering unique, tailored engagements through automated personalization at scale. And ultimately, adopting a budget-conscious platform strategy enables brands to see a greater return on their investment.

“If you look at each product standalone, they are all marketing solutions that impact goals beyond retention,” said Tomer Tagrin, Co-Founder & CEO of Yotpo, “The magic happens when you bring these solutions together and design comprehensive strategies that are anchored around customer loyalty and engaging return buyers. The greatest advantage to our platform is isolating these retention efforts and providing marketers with the ability to measure retention success. Our mission is to help all brands reach 50% of revenue driven by repeat shoppers.”

Customers like Fat and The Moon, an herbal self-care brand based in Grass Valley, California, have seen a positive impact on retention after adopting Yotpo’s platform. “Using Yotpo products together, we’ve seen a huge lift in returning customer rate,” said Kelsey Davis, Marketing Operations Manager at Fat and The Moon, “Our return customer rate prior to starting with Yotpo in early 2020 was 29% and our return customer rate in 2023 thus far is 58%.”

Yotpo has strategically grown its solutions to meet this platform vision, developing Yotpo Subscriptions in 2022 to focus on delivering a positive subscription experience that directly impacts customer retention. To fully round out their customer engagement abilities, Yotpo also announces today the launch of Yotpo Email. Yotpo responded to the rising industry demand for email and SMS channels to execute coordinated multi-channel experiences. All of Yotpo’s solutions are designed to work seamlessly against a shared data engine to help brands execute tailored customer journeys with the ultimate goal of bringing shoppers back to purchase.


About Yotpo

Yotpo’s eCommerce Retention Marketing Platform helps brands of all sizes to strengthen their relationships with consumers. With unified, data-driven solutions for loyalty, SMS and email marketing, reviews, subscriptions, and more, Yotpo helps brands like Princess Polly, Rothy’s, Moroccanoil, and Steve Madden deliver winning, cohesive customer experiences that drive eCommerce growth. Yotpo is a Forbes Cloud 100 company with offices worldwide including the United States, Canada, Israel, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Australia. www.yotpo.com