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Redemptions are a major indicator of loyalty program success, so with Click to Redeem, it’s now easier than ever for your loyalty members to redeem their hard-earned points via SMS and email campaigns.

Why it's different

Main Takeaways
Shoppers can exchange their loyalty points for discounts with the click of a button.
Create highly personalized experiences for some of your most valuable shoppers.
Launch these campaigns in minutes.

Increasing loyalty point redemption has never been easier. With two of your most powerful communication channels — SMS and email — you can bring shoppers straight to checkout with products in their cart, and their points already applied. No logging in, no account creation — just straightforward redemptions.

Loyalty redemptions are crucial for the success of your loyalty program – eCommerce brands see 89% more revenue from loyalty redeemers compared to non-redeemers, as well as a 164% higher repeat purchase rate on average.

And, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Simply choose from a few pre-built redemption amounts, e.g. “$5 off for 100 points, $10 off for 200 points,” etc. and let shoppers know how they can use their points balance to score great deals. Then, send ultra-tailored messages to your loyalty members using embedded shortcodes. Inform customers of the exact dollar amount their points are worth (e.g. $10), how many points the reward will cost them (e.g. 200), and add a personalized reward redemption link so they can click to redeem their offer.

After any campaign, you can also track your redemption rate in real time and adjust your strategy for the best possible results.

Click to Redeem

See it in action

Main Takeaways
Launch loyalty-focused SMS campaigns in just a few clicks.
Send triggered Click to Redeem messages on autopilot to maximize results.
Shorten the customer journey when you use Click to Redeem in email.

Like we said, the hard work is on us. With several preset loyalty templates in your library to choose from, create and send Click to Redeem campaigns in no time to reach more loyalty members and turn them into redeemers, fast.

For example, add a Click to Redeem option to your win-back SMS flow to encourage dormant customers to come back and use their rewards for discounts on their purchases. Or, target loyalty members whose points are set to expire soon. These timely SMS reminders create a sense of urgency motivate shoppers to redeem.

You can also shorten the path to purchase and promote specific products to your loyalty members. Add a product block to your emails with the items you wish to promote. When shoppers Click to Redeem, we’ll automatically make their button a quick checkout link, sending them directly to checkout with the product in the cart and the discount will be applied.

Amy Williams

”We saw an unprecedented lift in just one day that has created better awareness of the program and the habit of point redemption among our customers.”

Better Not Younger logo Amy Williams, Retention Marketing Manager