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Catch up with Kim Winter, VP of Product Marketing, as she introduces Tailor Segments — our very own AI tool here to help you create precise, powerful customer segments in seconds.


Why's it different

Main Takeaways
Imagine having a personal assistant that makes segmentation effortless.
Streamline and expedite the segmentation process, saving you valuable time and effort.
Simply describe your target audience, and let Tailor do the rest.

Meet Tailor — your personal, AI-powered retention expert here to assist with the ins and outs of your retention strategy.

Now let’s dive into how Tailor can help you make your day-to-day campaign strategy that much simpler with Tailor Segments.

A truly personalized engagement strategy takes time, effort and forethought. What if you had a personal assistant to create those segments in seconds? With Tailor, you can take the guesswork out of segmentation, making generating thoughtful segments easy and reducing the creation process's friction.

Simply describe your target audience, and let AI do the rest. In seconds, Tailor Segments can create that segment and an overview of the opportunity to target these customers on both SMS and email channels.

What’s next for Tailor Segments?

Our vision is to completely change how you segment customers - offering AI-powered recommendations at each step — and even alerting you when a new opportunity arises.

And, what’s coming soon from Tailor?

Segmentation is just one area AI can impact, but you’ll get to meet Tailor in even more places where an extra set of hands can make a huge difference. Coming soon is Ask Tailor.

You can ask questions and get personalized insights on your retention metrics, allowing you to take action based on valuable trends. It's like having a team of retention analysts available 24/7. Simply type in what you want to know, and Tailor will generate the results.

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See it in action

Main Takeaways
With a simple request, see how many email and SMS subscribers fall into specific categories.
Identify powerful, intent-based segments, like loyalty members with outstanding points and high spenders.
Engage VIP customers with experiences that surprise and delight.

How can Tailor Segments impact your day-today? Let’s take a look.

Generate any segment by simply asking Tailor — and see how many members of the segment are SMS and/or email subscribers so you can target them with engaging campaigns.

For example, ask Tailor for a segment of everyone who was active on your site in the last 30 days, but still hasn’t purchased for a powerful intent-based campaign.

Or, ask Tailor to give you a segment of all your loyalty members who have enough points to redeem, so you can encourage them to use them soon!

Looking for more inspiration? Ask Tailor to create a segment of your top spenders so you can give them VIP access to your newest collections and releases, making them feel extra special.

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