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Thrive Reaches More Like-Minded Shoppers

Brands aligned with a social mission target specific group of consumers who not only want the products but also care about the cause. These brands have added value built in, but still need to reach a critical mass of purchases. To reach the loyalty tipping point, a punch card campaign or another program geared toward incremental purchases is ideal. These brands should focus on points programs that offer rewards not only for buying, but also for referring like-minded friends.


Thrive Causemetics
Health & Beauty
Brand Characteristics:
Low AOV, high repeat purchase rate
Program Goals:
Reach more like-minded customers and lower the barrier to entry for the brand

Best Practices

  • Offer points for engagement actions (not just buying)
  • Build referrals into rewards (offer rewards for referring a friend) to reach more like-minded consumers
  • Encourage future purchases (redeem points for discounts on future purchases)


The first cosmetics brand to operate on a one-for-one model, Thrive Causemetics donates a luxury product to women in need — from cancer patients to survivors of domestic abuse — for each item purchased. Their makeup line has captured the hearts of socially conscious beauty shoppers, allowing them to sell, and donate, a tube of their crowd favorite mascara approximately every nine seconds.

For a brand like Thrive, whose customers feel a natural emotional bond based on a shared charitable mission, the challenge is less about retaining their best customers and more about reaching more shoppers just like them.


To achieve this goal and entice like-minded shoppers to take the plunge, Thrive runs a “Give $10, Get $10” referrals program. With the discount and the added social proof of a referral from a friend, new shoppers are more likely to make that first purchase and develop an instant emotional connection with the brand. Plus, by advocating through referrals, existing customers remain more closely aligned with Thrive and are incentivized to make another purchase and earn points for their money spent.

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