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Lauren James Increases Repeat Purchases

Brands that sell a wide range of high-end products need to focus on decreasing time between a customer's first and second purchases. The best strategy for these full-suite brands is to offer immediate value to shoppers to encourage repeat purchases, and to implement a referral program with an integrated experience for top shoppers.


Lauren James
Apparel & Accessories
Brand Characteristics:
Wide product range, relatively high price point
Program Goals:
Drive customers to quickly make repeat purchases and to purchase multiple types of products

Best Practices

  • Use a model which drives incremental purchases
  • Reward VIP status at higher tiers of engagement
  • Incorporate a referral program into your points program

Brand Spotlight: Lauren James

Lauren James has carved out a solid share in a very competitive market, making a name for themselves as a style empire built on a combination of charm and classic aesthetics. In order to stand out in the crowded fashion industry, they built a program that capitalizes on a customer’s initial purchase. 

They achieve this by tailoring their points engine, VIP program, and referral program towards encouraging one time shoppers to buy different products and gain more access to the brand. The primary method they use is immediately offering value back to customers in the form of an easy-to-use, points-for-purchase program. Customers begin to accumulate credit with their first purchase. This credit can be combined with other campaigns, so that shoppers earn meaningful discounts toward their second purchase and beyond. The Lauren James VIP program compounds this points engine, offering 2x more points to shoppers who reach their top VIP tier.


In addition, Lauren James places tremendous value upon active referrers. Shoppers who make referrals are rewarded the equivalent of what they would earn for spending $2500 with the brand. This increases customer acquisition and encourages top shoppers to make referrals, while simultaneously driving customers to make additional purchases using their accumulated rewards.

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