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Sand Cloud Engages Between Purchases

Storyteller brands need to grow and nurture a community of advocates who identify with their cause and connect with them emotionally. For these brands, repeat purchases may be few and far between, so a loyalty program should focus on incentivizing customers to engage even when they aren’t shopping. Their goal is getting you to see more of their content and more of their brand. A loyalty program for this type of brand should further communicate your brand lifestyle and reward customers who are dedicated to it.


Sand Cloud Towels
Home & Garden
Brand Characteristics:
High AOV, low purchase diversity, high time to second purchase
Program Goals:
Cultivate brand loyalty that can stand the test of time so as to stay top of mind even when customers aren’t actively shopping

Best Practices

  • Make it easy for customers to start earning points so they see value immediately
  • Incentivize customers to engage on social to build opportunities to interact with your brand outside of buying
  • Add referrals to your points program so you can reach like-minded friends of happy shoppers

Brand Spotlight: Sand Cloud Towels

San Diego-based Sand Cloud Towels sells beach-lovers eco-friendly apparel and accessories. Their brand not only sells eco-friendly products, but also rallies fans to protect marine life through action-based campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.

Sand Cloud’s rewards program is open to all customers, and is designed to make it easy for new customers to see value immediately. They also incorporate referrals into their points program, giving customers 500 points for referring their friends who then make a qualified purchase. This helps them avoid high customer acquisition costs while still hitting a significant enough margin to make the value of the referrals substantial.


Sand Cloud offers only one redemption option to their customers. Particularly for brands with a smaller range of products available, offering simple redemption and point earning options can help simplify the buyer experience and reduce the amount of time your customers spend learning and understanding how your program works.

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