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Soko Glam Increases AOV With Recommendations

Brands like Soko Glam have a wide variety of products and their customers trust them to curate the best. They don’t necessarily need to encourage more frequent purchases, but do want to ensure all product lines are getting visibility. Also, it’s important for them to deepen relationships with their closest customers.


Soko Glam
Health & Beauty
Brand Characteristics:
Large variety of products, high number of purchases per year, high purchase diversity
Program Goals:
Deepen relationships with closest customers

Best Practices

  • Creatively utilize VIP tiers, focusing on incremental benefits
  • Award meaningful points for purchase engine
  • Curate product redemptions and exclusive curations for VIPs

Brand Spotlight: Soko Glam

For any big player in the cosmetics industry, a loyalty program is a necessity. Soko Glam launched in 2012 with the goal of helping people discover Korean skin care, beauty trends, and cosmetics. To succeed in a saturated beauty market, Soko Glam to build a loyalty program that stood out from other beauty brands and offered real value to their most loyal customers.

The “Soko Rewards” program is multifaceted and appealing to customers with diverse spending habits. Anyone can join Soko Rewards to receive birthday gifts, skin care consultations, access to exclusive rotating monthly rewards, and a minimum of one point for every dollar spent. Customers can redeem points for products or discounts directly on their checkout page or through the page designed exclusively to host the rewards program. Additionally, certain limited edition products will be available only to VIP customers using points.


While simple, the value of this program is that it capitalizes on exclusivity, creating a unique “VIP-only” experience that generates more value from top-performing customers.

Customers want to make a decision as quickly as possible on whether or not to put effort into earning VIP status with a brand. It is therefore imperative that brands make the differences between VIP tiers as clear as possible. Soko Glam achieves this by strategically juxtaposing the options available to normal members with the options available to both their VIP members and VIP Premier members.

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