Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
October 28th, 2018

Yotpo’s Shopify Flow Connector allows brands to leverage the power of reviews for improved, automated personalization.

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We’re excited to announce that Yotpo is one of the first platforms to build a Shopify Flow Connector! Our Connector will help brands better segment customers and personalize experiences by building automated workflows between Yotpo, Shopify, and other apps.

“Yotpo’s Connector leverages valuable review data to allow automation to push insights and actions to a merchant’s team, or other apps they use,” says Anthony Kentris, Product Marketing Manager at Shopify Plus.

With so many businesses choosing Yotpo as their review partner, it’s now easy to create automated, delightful experiences customers will want to return for.”

Shopify Flow was designed to make it easy and efficient for brands to leverage customer data across all touchpoints and create a seamless, personalized journey for each shopper, whether they’re opening an email, visiting your site, or clicking on a social ad.

It automatically connects the data stored inside dozens of eCommerce apps — from email marketing to reviews to loyalty, and more — allowing brands to automate personalized actions without development resources.

The rise of direct-to-consumer brands and their emphasis on exceptional customer experience means that today’s consumers have come to expect individually tailored, meaningful interactions with brands, making Shopify Flow Connectors invaluable to businesses.

How does it work?

A workflow is built with three simple elements in just a few clicks:

  • Trigger – Start a workflow from an event in Shopify or an app
  • Condition – Set conditions that determine if a workflow should run
  • Action – End a workflow with a task actioned in a store or an app

yotpo shopify flow connector

We’ve developed two powerful triggers that allow you to activate automated workflows across business tools, boost productivity, and increase personalization:

  • Review Created
  • Reviews Updated (e.g. published/unpublished)

Leverage the power of reviews to create impactful workflows

Reviews contain critical information that can help brands segment customers more effectively. They highlight who the customer is, their email address, their thoughts surrounding your product or brand, and they provide a star rating out of five.

Once you connect one of our triggers to an action in Shopify Plus or any other app, you can create a workflow that uses this information to improve personalization.

According to Uberall’s 2018 Customer Reviews Report, 65% of consumers want some form of response to their reviews, regardless of whether the review is positive or negative. However, a generic response isn’t enough: 78% of consumers believe there should be some level of personalization involved.

This means that both a positive and negative review signify an opportunity to build customer relationships, but they require a very different approach.

Using our triggers in Shopify Flow, you can automatically create tailored responses to different reviews:
  • Set conditions based on star rating so that when a review is created, a tailored email is automatically sent to the customer based on their review score.
  • For reviews above four stars, the email can include a thank you note to show customers you care and help create a loyal following.
  • For reviews three stars and below, it can include a coupon to improve customer experience and encourage another purchase.

yotpo shopify flow connector

Examples of effective workflows

Here are some more workflows that our Shopify Flow triggers can unlock:

  • Create a ticket in your customer support app when you receive a negative review
  • Add a customer tag in Shopify based on review rating for segmentation purposes
  • Add customers who wrote a positive review to your email marketing list
  • Track negative product reviews by creating a line in Google Sheets
  • Award points in your loyalty program when a customer submits a review

Get creative by mixing and matching Yotpo triggers with actions from other apps; unlock additional value from your business solutions and build more impactful, personal workflows.

What you see here is just the beginning. We will continue to create more triggers and actions to give you even more possibilities for personalized automation.

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