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New Yotpo Feature: Reviews Carousel


Every visitor on your site should know how good your reviews are. That’s why we’ve come up with Reviews Carousel, a new, customizable way to feature reviews on or off your site.

So what is it?

Reviews Carousel, available on the Powerhouse and Enterprise plans, is a slider that displays several rotating reviews wherever you want.

You can use the Carousel anywhere on or off your site — like on your homepage, check-out page, blog, landing pages or any page along the buyer journey.

You have the option to hand-pick the reviews shown, or choose an automated option to display either the top rated or most recent reviews. Check out Game Card Delivery’s awesome deployment of the carousel on its homepage.

But why do I need it?

A lot of websites do a good job at securing trust on product pages, but many struggle on non-product pages.

Using the Reviews Carousel can improve conversion at any conversion-sensitive stage of your funnel, like your checkout page or blog.

This is also huge for B2B businesses, that also need to be leveraging reviews, as a flexible way to display testimonials anywhere.

Since users who interact with Yotpo widgets are 4 times more likely to buy, you can strategically place the carousel to dramatically increase purchases.

How do I make it happen?

Enable and fully customize your carousel by going to Tools → On-Site → Reviews Carousel:

Reviews Carousel Admin Screenshot

From the editor, you can control content like

  • Selection type (manual, best seller, or top rated reviews)
  • Review type (product reviews, site reviews, or both)
  • Number of reviews

And you can control layout, look & feel such as

  • Design
  • Headings/text
  • Carousel speed
  • More with the CSS editor

All you need to do is generate your code on the bottom of the editor and place it where you want it to go! You can create multiple carousels, each with its own content, look & feel.

Here’s one awesomely designed and implemented carousel on GameCardDelivery:


If you’ve put Reviews Carousel on your site and are happy with how it looks, shoot me an email at dbaltman@yotpo.com, and maybe we’ll feature you in upcoming materials.

Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Doug, we got the “goosebumps” to see http://www.latiendadefrida.com in your review =)


    • Doug Baltman

      Glad to hear – It’s a great Carousel!!

  • I don’t see the Reviews Carousel in the control panel

    • Hey David,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Reviews Carousel is available on our Powerhouse and Enterprise plans (along with a ton of other amazing features).

      Thanks again!

      • Is there anyway to add custom styling by CSS ?

        • Doug Baltman

          Hi Jens, absolutely. You can use the CSS Editor which allows you to customize the styling of any of your Yotpo widgets.

  • Andrew Gill

    This is great news, I’m going to think hard as to best placements. The best thing is that the reviews are right there in front of the customer, no clicks required, and the carousel movement draws the eye. Thanks!!

    • Doug Baltman

      Happy to hear, Andrew! Once you implement it, shoot over the URL – my email is dbaltman@yotpo.com. I’d love to see.

  • ka

    hi can you please tell me if yotpo support Greek language? Thanks

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