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New Feature Update: HubSpot Integration

We’ve partnered with HubSpot to build a testimonials integration that will grow your business. Now you can seamlessly gather reviews and use them to better engage your users and generate new leads – all from your HubSpot account.

This new partnership is huge and it’s available on our Powerhouse and Enterprise plans. Check out the process:

1. Generate verified testimonials – Within the HubSpot workflow you can now deploy Yotpo’s proprietary Mail After Purchase (MAP) review requests to generate reviews.

Hubspot integration 1

2. Integrate testimonials into HubSpot – Now you can automatically include testimonial data to each HubSpot contact record and thus segment users based on what they have to say about you.

Note: This is our favorite use because it lets you segment users who are most likely to be your best advocates. Now you can forge relationships with them to generate even more positive content. On the flip side, you can segment users who gave you a poor rating, allowing yourself the opportunity to mend ties.

Hubspot integration 2

3. Promote testimonial content via HubSpot – Use ratings and reviews within workflows to promote products and drive traffic back to your site.

In short, this powerful integration gives you the ability generate useful content from your users and closely connect that content to your marketing.

But there’s even more that you can take advantage of once you have reviews:

  • Use Yotpo’s display assets such as the Reviews Carousel to show testimonials anywhere on or off your site like HubSpot landing pages and blog pages
  • Leverage reviews for SEO since review content gets picked up by search engines and shows in AdWords campaigns as Google ratings and in organic search results as in-line SEO.
  • Easily add a Testimonials page to your site, showing all of your customer stories in one place.
  • Customize all of your emails and features to match your brand
  • And much, much more!

As HubSpot users ourselves, we’ve built our integration to match its flexible, powerful and smart software. It’s a simple union between your eCommerce marketing automation software and reviews solution, which is exactly what so many of our users need.

If you’re interested in our Powerhouse or Enterprise plans to take advantage of this awesome feature, leave your info below.

Aimee Millwood
Aimee Millwood, Director of Content at Yotpo
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