Last updated on August 9, 2023

Olivia McNaughten
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
June 8th, 2020 | 4 minutes read

We’ve rebuilt our industry-leading Visual UGC solution to enable brands to discover and display top-performing visual content faster. 

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We’re thrilled to reintroduce Yotpo’s Visual UGC solution, now designed to help brands bring top-performing Instagram experiences to their site quickly and efficiently.

With all-new features and improved functionalities, Yotpo’s Visual UGC solution empowers brands to more quickly surface the influential customer-created photos and videos that drive inspiration, and then easily showcase them at high-converting touchpoints along the buyer journey, both on-site and across marketing channels. 

Our Visual UGC solution is now the optimal tool for eCommerce brands looking to leverage visual content to maximize conversion. Shoppers who see UGC on a brand’s site convert at a rate 161% higher than those who don’t. Featuring this content is essential for D2C brands to boost engagement, and our AI-enhanced Visual UGC solution now makes it easier than ever to feature the content that converts.

What’s new?

What’s so exciting about the intelligently enhanced Visual UGC solution? We’ve launched features that allow brands to not only curate content fast, but to create beautiful — and shoppable — customized galleries with the simple click of a button.

New features include:

  • Curation Filters: Filter and refine photos and videos from Instagram, reviews, and on-site uploads to surface the top photos and videos that fit your brand. Easily create a summertime gallery filled with sun-soaked images by filtering images by “Dominant Color,” like yellow and orange, or use the “Includes Persons” filter to create a gallery celebrating your customers.

  • Tagging Assistant: Easily and efficiently tag images to make them shoppable using smart product recommendations. Our AI-powered image processing technology will suggest six relevant products — simply choose the correct product and tag the image, and if needed, search and filter for additional products. With this powerful new feature, brands can decrease tagging time by over 25%.

  • My Posts Gallery: Instantly create a beautiful gallery for your homepage, and automatically fill and update it with your latest Instagram posts. Auto-sync with your Instagram account for the most up-to-date content, or toggle to manually update and control posts as they’re published. Then, implement your galleries quickly by simply copying and pasting a snippet of code.

  • Redesigned Curation Page: We updated the look and feel of the Curation Page to include bigger photo thumbnails in gallery-style grids, Quick Action Buttons to facilitate easier bulk actions, and individual Instagram post likes to highlight top-performing posts, so your brand can curate on-brand images quicker and easier than ever.

  • Leading Influencer Integrations: We’ve partnered with the top influencer marketing platforms, including MAVRCK, Cohley, and Trend, to help your brand automatically access and leverage high-quality, on-brand influencer content across your visual galleries and marketing channels.

As shoppers turn to online shopping, they’re not only seeking out authentic content from fellow shoppers, but they are also more willing to post pictures of themselves with products they’ve purchased — making the ability to activate social proof across a brand’s marketing channels increasingly more important and impactful.

“I continue to be impressed with Yotpo’s innovative, client-first approach to their product development. These days, tasks that take up time without direct and immediate top-line revenue impact tend to fall far on to-do lists. This is why Yotpo’s powerful AI for predictive image tagging is so important; it allows my team to do so much more in significantly less time.” — Avery Mehlhorn, eCommerce + Digital Marketing Director, Alala

Our reinvented Visual UGC solution is built to help brands create virtual shopping experiences that build community with real customer photos and videos, drive purchase confidence with visual proof, and shorten the path to purchase with inspiring shoppable galleries.

How do I start?

To learn more about how to leverage these new features, see our support articles for Curation Filters, My Posts Gallery, and Tagging Assistant.