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Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
April 1st, 2017

Constantly Varied Gear turns selfies into social proof with Yotpo’s new Photos Dashboard.

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Featuring authentic customer photos in product pages and across your eCommerce site helps shoppers see exactly what they’re buying, increasing customer trust and decreasing hesitation to purchase.

Constantly Varied Gear is one brand that’s an amazing example of the power of visual user-generated content.

It has generated hundreds of customer photos via Instagram and post-purchase emails and leverage these to boost its business metrics.

The witty, motivational workout clothing brand has used Yotpo to expand its visual marketing activities since August 2016.

It now takes a data-driven approach with the Photos Dashboard.

Visual marketing in product post

From a quick look at its most popular product pages, Constantly Varied Gear boasts tons of social proof from its selfie-loving customer base.

Why Visual Marketing Analytics?

Founder Mark Arruda said Constantly Varied Gear wasn’t getting the most value from their visual marketing activities.

They didn’t know how to keep track of which product pages showcased customer photos, or that they needed to publish those photos to optimize ROI.

Our community loves to take photos of our clothes because our products are so cool. But until now we haven’t worked with data to decide when to publish photos and to which product pages,” Arruda said.

Social Proof For Your Whole Store

The Photos Dashboard guides merchants to get all of their product pages showcasing customer photos.

The dashboard shows how many photos have been generated and tagged to each product, and then how many photos are actually published to each product page.

With this data in hand, merchants can focus on generating & publishing photos for products in need of photos, not just any product at random.

“With Yotpo, we can easily identify product pages with just one or two photos. Then, we can curate photos from Instagram for the products we need photos for,” Arruda explained.

Photos Dashboard

(Note: The dashboard above is an illustration and does not belong to Constantly Varied Gear)

With this method, we can increase conversions not just for our best selling products, but on our second and third tier products too.”

The Photos Dashboard helps merchants make other data-driven visual marketing decisions too, like breaking down photo generation by time and by source.

With this in hand, merchants know when it’s time to refresh stale, outdated content and they can easily identify underutilized photo sources.

Constantly Varied Gear is one of many stores on its way to establishing social proof with visual marketing throughout its whole site.

Yotpo’s class-leading visual marketing analytics tools are just taking off.

The next phase of the Photos Dashboard will show how much more likely shoppers are to buy when they engage with customer photos and other performance metrics.

Learn more about how Yotpo Analytics can help you.

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