Image Credit: Yotpo Studio

Dynamic Product Ads with reviews have 2x higher CTR

Showing shoppers retargeting ads of the exact same products they were browsing is a great way to to draw them back to your site.

But you can take that FOMO up a notch by featuring 5-star customer reviews of those products in Dynamic Product Ads.

Including user-generated content (UGC), like reviews and star ratings, in your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can double your click-through rate.

Not only are you targeting shoppers with items they already expressed an interest in, you also add a layer of social proof and validate their choice.

UGC pros Blenders Eyewear found that adding star ratings and reviews to their Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook:

  • Lowered cost per acquisition by 38%
  • Increased return on ad spend by  62%
  • Decreased cost per click by 40% 

These ads also prompt tons of likes, comments, and shares, increasing their relevance score on Facebook.

Real Example
Blenders Eyewear channel the power of customer content by featuring top product reviews along with attractive photos in their retargeting ads, which doubled their CTR. As they explain, “Having the UGC baked into the ad unit in the form of a featured review elicits a higher engagement rate from our audience and does a great job of turning prospects into customers.”