Nikhil Naidu
Product Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
September 26th, 2019

We’re excited to announce the first Yotpo loyalty feature powered by Atlas.

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Over the years, we’ve noticed that the most successful D2C companies create experiences that make customers fall in love with their brands. Think about the electronics store that offers their top VIP customers early access to Black Friday sales, the beauty brand that offers shoppers a free sample with purchase, or the fashion brand that invites top referrers to try out new product releases in advance. These types of experiences create deeper connections and add permanence to the customer-brand relationship.

However, with consumer expectations rising and the siloed data infrastructures that exist today, these experiences are increasingly difficult for brands to craft.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce you to Segments. The first Yotpo loyalty feature powered by Atlas, Segments is a dashboard which enables brands to isolate and define the full range of shopper types based on their program engagement and purchase behavior, then use this data to deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

Segments is now live for all Platinum and Enterprise customers using our Loyalty and Referrals products.

More actionable insights into customer behavior

Segments allows you to explore your customer base, then activate high-impact customer segments by:

  • Creating reports and analyses that are specifically suited to your customers, your goals, and your loyalty strategy.
  • Defining and taking targeted actions on relevant customer segments based on various combinations of program-related engagements, including point balance, number of referrals completed, last purchase date, VIP tier, and more.
  • Getting digestible data about important customer segments with a few clicks. The dashboard highlights important health metrics like AOV and revenue, so you can see which customers belong in specific segments, what other actions they’ve taken, and how they impact your bottom line.

How does it work?

Creating groups

Segments allows you to create targeted groups of customers based on nearly every program interaction a customer takes. The dashboard also allows you to add multiple filters for an individual property (for example, point balance is less than 1000 but greater than 600.)

The advanced level of flexibility means you can look at segments that are highly tailored to your specific loyalty program framework and KPIs.

Here are just a few examples of high-potential groups you can isolate using Segments:

  • Customers with over $800 in lifetime spend but no referrals made
  • Customers who completed more than one referral, but have never made a purchase
  • Customers with at least 500 points earned, who have never made a redemption
  • Top-level VIP customers who haven’t made a purchase in the last six months
  • Customers who purchased during the holiday season, earned top VIP status, and haven’t made a purchase since

Exporting data

Once you’ve created a relevant group, you can export it by email, Webhook, or Slack attachment, making it easy to share information internally, or to inject it into any other active data repositories your brand uses.

Creating experiences

This data can then become the foundation of your loyalty strategy, allowing you to unlock many of those customer experiences that resonate deeply with shoppers. Let’s take, for example, the segment of customers with over 500 points earned, but no redemptions made. You can take the opportunity to surprise and delight these customers with limited-time perks and discounts that they likely didn’t realize were available to them.

Another example is the segment of customers who bought during the last holiday season and earned VIP status, but haven’t returned. Come October, invite those customers to VIP-only sales and events. Give these disengaged shoppers the full VIP treatment in advance of their next purchasing decision.

For everything you need to get started with Segments, head over to the Help Center.

What’s next for Atlas?

Over the next few months, we’ll be working on exciting innovations, including adding reviews data to Segments, and creating loyalty program-related segments informed by machine learning and predictive analytics. Through Atlas, Yotpo will continue to unlock new possibilities for brands looking to curate magical customer experiences.

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