Ashley Chemtov
Partner Marketing Manager @ Yotpo
March 10th, 2021

Automate Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty Campaigns Through Shopify Flow

We teamed up with Shopify Plus to show merchants how to automate Yotpo campaigns in Shopify Flow, allowing brands to be more efficient and provide seamless customer experiences. 

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Personalization is Key

With more shoppers buying online than ever before, consumer behavior has markedly changed, bringing about new challenges and opportunities for brands. As a result, the eCommerce space has experienced a shock to customer loyalty, with 76% of US consumers changing their preferred stores, brands, or the way they shop.

To connect with consumers that are increasingly fickle – not to mention price-conscious – and maintain their loyalty, brands need to double down on delivering personalized experiences every step of the way throughout the customer journey.

Automate reviews and
loyalty campaigns
See How

Yotpo + Shopify Flow

That’s where Shopify Flow comes in. Through Flow, Shopify Plus merchants can automate Yotpo Reviews and Loyalty campaigns to create unique, personalized, and on-brand experiences for customers.

We teamed up with Shopify Plus for a webinar that covers three unique use cases that can be accomplished through Flow:

  1. Subscription: merchants can tag, thank, and reward loyalty points when customers purchase a subscription
  2. Delayed delivery: merchants can notify customers when deliveries are delayed via email or SMS and reward loyalty points
  3. Rewards and loyalty: merchants can track, thank, reward points, and alert internal teams when new reviews are created


To learn more about these use cases and see how you can automate your Yotpo Review & Loyalty campaigns through Shopify Flow, watch the full webinar recording here.


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