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January 08, 2014 | Shares:

Yotpo Raised $10.7 Million in Funding. So, What’s Next?

2014 has started off great.

We’re currently serving over 30,000 businesses.
We’ve helped generate more than 500,000 reviews.
These reviews have led to $12,000,000 in sales for our Yotpo users.

And today we’re announcing that Yotpo closed a $10.7 million round of funding. We figured you might have a few questions.

What is Yotpo going to do with the money?

  • We’re going to spend time testing and perfecting Yotpo for you.
  • We’re going to develop new features for our Yotpo Premium plans.
  • We’re going to hire more people to ensure you have the best experience with us.
  • We’re going to grow! We want to change the world of user-generated content and the more businesses and reviews we have, the closer we get to this goal. The bigger this gets, the better it is for you guys. By the end of 2014, we want to have more reviews than Yelp, Amazon and eBay combined.

What does this change for me?

You can expect the Yotpo you love to get even better. Soon, we’ll officially announce our Yotpo Premium plans which will have even more great features and tools for Yotpo users.

What does this change for Yotpo?

Nothing really. Last night we celebrated with a little party–beers and pizzas in the office. And today we’re going right back to business as usual.

How did Yotpo do it?

The truth is, we would have never made it here without you. Your love, support and feedback helped turn Yotpo into the company it is today.

We’ve also been lucky enough to find great investors like Blumberg Capital, who share our belief that user-generated content is going to revolutionize the way that every business works.

Anything else?

We want to thank you. You guys have been with us since the beginning, and we couldn’t be more grateful. We’re really excited about this next phase of Yotpo, and we hope you are too.

By the way, Yotpo is hiring!

See here for the 2016 Yotpo Funding Round.

Talia Shani
Talia Shani, Head of UK Marketing @ Yotpo
In Talia's past life she was a cook, but now she prefers to focus on eating. Right now, she's probably thinking about what she'll eat next or taking a long walk around Tel Aviv.
  • TechieMcgee

    I love Yotpo!

  • Erin

    Glad to hear! Please work on enabling rich snippets for Big Commerce! I’m getting all these great reviews and nobody doing a Google search can see them!

    • Hey Erin! The plan is to eventually have rich snippets enabled on all of our platforms. Also, Yotpo Premium will offer even further integration with Google. Stay tuned!

  • Congrats!
    Yotpo has been awesome to work with & we look forward to continuing to use their review services for as long as they offer them!!!
    Keep up the good work!

    Chef Matt

    • Thanks, Chef Matt–We love working with you, too!

  • Hali

    Is there any way to add review on CMS pages?

    • Hello Hali,

      You can create a dedicated reviews pages to show off all your reviews–please contact our awesome Support team at support@yotpo.com for any help!

  • hyderoei

    Is there any way to add review on Magenot CMS pages?

  • lilach

    יהיה נחמד מאוד אם תתנו מחשבה נוספת לגבי האפשרויות בכל חבילה – ואולי אפשרות לבחור להוסיף אפשרות כלשהיא במחיר הגיוני.. בקיצור קצת יתר גמישות לא תזיק..

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